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Smart Projects Intelligent Light Pole

Smart Projects Intelligent Light Pole

Smart Projects Intelligent Light Pole

Smart cities include smart public services, smart city complexes, smart government city comprehensive management and operation platforms, smart transportation and other application projects. In these projects, the LED display industry has played a huge role in the construction of "smart cities". LED products It also effectively promotes the construction of "smart cities".

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, smart cities have become one of the key development plans of the Chinese government. At present, China has successively released three batches of smart city pilot projects, involving more than 500 cities, and has issued corresponding plans with a planned investment of over one trillion yuan. .

In the next few years, the work of "smart city" will continue to develop, and the large-scale investment will inject a steady stream of impetus into the development of the city. On this basis, how to adopt new technologies to build smart cities has become the focus of attention.

In this context, the development blueprint for lighting and IoT services in smart cities in the future is drawn up, and a variety of technology R&D and practical cases are used to demonstrate that smart connected LED lighting will improve the quality of life, improve the way of daily life, and ensure the ever-expanding global The potential of cities to achieve sustainable development, etc.

As far as street lights are concerned, no matter how smart cities are ultimately defined, as one of the carriers, access points, or sensing points of smart cities, smart street lights in the future will definitely be implemented as the most basic thing.

In the future, smart street lights must be an important source of information collection for the urban Internet of Things system, and will also be an important part and important entrance of smart cities.

At the same time, the Internet of Things has also brought more popularization of intelligent control technology to outdoor lighting. Through the visualization of electricity consumption, efficiency analysis of power transformation and distribution systems, load management, power management informatization and other big data means, the refinement of electric energy is realized. , Persistence, information management, at the same time to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, improve the management level.

Since street lights follow the distribution of roads and streets in the city, covering the body of the city like blood vessels and nerves, and street lights have the trinity of "net, point, and pole", they are the main carrier of smart cities, so smart Street lights will be the first site for the transformation of intelligent cities and the main threshold for cities to move towards the process of intelligentization.

In the future, with the wide application of new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G networks, and cloud computing, smart cities have become an inevitable trend. As an important part of smart city construction, smart street lights will not only receive strong support from policies, but also welcome for a broader development space.

We provide customers with a complete supply of independent software/hardware products, solution design, OEM/ODM services and personalized technology research and development services.

Our core technologies include

◆The field of Internet of Things: including sensor collection, wireless communication (Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee, RF, etc.), carrier communication, collection and transmission.

◆Big data field: big data storage and analysis technology; data graphics and 3D display field.

◆Mobile Internet field: mobile APP application technology, Html5 technology, cloud computing technology.

◆Front-end communication technology, SCADA technology, WEB service technology, etc.

Integrating the new Internet of Things, big data, cloud platform, and mobile Internet technologies, we independently create a new urban lighting operation and maintenance service model "Urban Smart Light". Zhongzhide is willing to work with you to create green, low-carbon, efficient and harmonious wisdom. Life.

Project situation analysis

2.1 On-site situation and needs

1. The specific location of the installation of smart street light poles is to be determined. According to the quantity, we speculate that it will be controlled in the same distribution box;

2. In order to save costs, no centralized controller is installed in the distribution box of this project;

3. All smart street lights use 5G to transmit;

4. Hang an LED screen on each pole of the smart street light;

5. The platform can issue/change the playback content for each screen;

6. The playback content of the display screen must realize the synchronization function;

7. In order to save cost, the single lamp controller does not use NB-Iot;

8. The environment is relatively special, and the single-lamp controller does not use a wireless single-lamp controller;

2.2 Implementing functions

1. Remotely modify and issue control LED screen playback;

2. Each light pole can individually control the switch light;

3. The GIS map shows the operation status and installation position of each single lamp control;

4. Real-time display of the running status and playback content of the LED screen;

5. Modules of other functions are displayed on the same platform, and they can be operated through the platform;

Communication network topology

plan description:

1. The smart street light pole is divided into three parts (server-side control layer, local transmission network layer, and device access physical layer). The control layer data can be connected to the cloud platform management system or the user can build it locally. It will take the street light pole as the carrier to fully integrate the micro base station, monitoring, LED display, one-key alarm, broadcasting system, environmental detection, traffic flow statistics, The integration of various subsystems such as new energy vehicle charging piles provides an application layout basis for the construction of smart cities;

2. This construction plan is for the planning and design of smart street light poles. Through the wireless router mode to the access mode of each street light pole, each street light pole is formed into a small local area network and aggregated to the user room data center;

3. Through the operator's base station network, it provides a channel for the remote cloud system to retrieve data, and users can remotely control and view various subsystems of smart street light poles anytime and anywhere;

4. Each subsystem of the access layer is connected to each street light pole switch through the IP network, and all access layer devices need to be configured with private network fixed IP addresses;

5. The power supply of physical layer equipment is 220V, 12V, 24V, and different power access modes are selected according to the actual situation;

6. It is recommended that the street lamp power supply and other subsystems access power supply in two lines.

System advantages:

1. Intelligent remote management, using intelligent control equipment such as intelligent switches, and energy consumption metering management for energy-saving effect diagnosis, remote control and real-time monitoring in the background of the system, and dimming of street lights to reduce street light consumption when meeting lighting needs can.

2. Regulation strategy, with rich intelligent strategy control, such as longitude and latitude, holiday strategy, etc., can intelligently regulate street lights on demand, reduce light pollution, reduce carbon emissions, and save electricity costs.

3. Automatic inspection and fault alarm, changing the traditional labor-intensive manual inspection mode, the intelligent system of street lamps can monitor and analyze the fault situation of the data, automatically report the fault information, and notify the maintenance personnel to deal with the fault situation at the first time. In addition, the intelligent street light equipment has a variety of alarm methods, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of various accidents from the source.

Application Architecture

The smart street light pole application framework platform is divided into three layers, consisting of the bottommost terminal data acquisition layer, the intermediate network transmission layer, and the topmost application layer.

The bottom layer of data acquisition layer captures data through various devices, collects images, identifies various information of objects, and reads data content through sensing components (Sensor) and camera lens (IP Cam).

The network layer is responsible for the heavy responsibility of communication, so it is necessary to ensure that the network is "always" uninterrupted. Wi-Fi/WiMAX/Zigbee/Bluetooth/LORA) constitute a seamless data transmission network.

The application layer is responsible for various application fields of the Internet of Things. Through different platforms such as cloud computing platform, information open platform, service support platform, network transaction platform, etc., through intelligent computing technology, it can analyze and process massive data and information in time. , translate it into human-readable chart data, and finally form IoT management platforms in various vertical application fields through graphical display methods, such as smart grid, smart home, smart transportation, smart environment, smart security, etc.


Overall project design

5.1 Design of computer room

The computer room is designed in the corner of the exhibition hall, and a 1.5-meter cabinet is designed to install all the network equipment and servers in it. In addition, the intercom host equipment in the broadcast is installed above the table provided by Cinda. The computer room maintains the original style.

5.2 Network Design

On the network incoming side, Cinda internally coordinates a network with a fixed IP address (or re-pulls a dedicated line with a fixed IP from the operator) to the cabinet of the computer room to ensure that the server network port is mapped to the Internet. Allow the external network to remotely log in to the platform for demonstrations.

6.3 Front-end design

The exhibition hall is used for display, so a full-featured smart street light pole is designed, and some commonly used equipment is designed on other light poles. And reserve the corresponding equipment interface for customer selection. The specific installation design of each device on the smart light pole is as follows:

Ø Street light intelligent control system

On-site design of smart street light poles, each light pole is equipped with a 485 single-light controller, and the 485 terminal on the industrial-grade 4G router is used for transparent transmission to the back-end platform. The platform can remotely control a single light.

Ø Communication information release system

A double-sided LED screen is used to display the released information. This screen can play some advertisements and company product introductions and other information. Because it is used in the exhibition hall, only one set is designed. Other smart street lights have reserved spaces, which are replaced by light boxes.

Introduction to each subsystem

6.1 Display Subsystem

With the rapid development of urban outdoor advertising, there are many problems faced at the same time. The standardization of advertising needs to be managed and controlled through a unified platform, and a unified advertising screen broadcast control system should be established to manage the published advertising content. Through intelligent means, the content of advertisements in different time periods is controlled, and advertisements are placed in different areas, which greatly increases the advertising effect.


The display subsystem is connected to the small local area network on the street light pole, and management operations such as advertisement release are performed on the display screen through the Nova control card.

◎You can play text, pictures, videos, animations, etc. through the display screen;

◎You can play the program source files stored locally;

◎Emergency notification can be issued through the display screen;

◎It can be controlled remotely and play programs regularly;

◎The environmental monitoring data can be displayed in real time on the display screen;

◎Support cloud storage, cloud release management;

◎Support directional push interface; 

Smart Lighting Integrated Management System

7.1 Management system (optional)

The smart lighting integrated management system manages and dispatches smart street light poles in a unified manner, which can be configured on demand, intelligently linked, and reasonably dispatches smart city functional modules. The system adopts B/S architecture and supports near-end or remote deployment.

Main Page of Smart Lighting Integrated Management System

Display the overall information of the functional components of the system, introduce the structure of the street light pole, and display the overall situation of important functional data, such as current weather information, vehicle

Traffic density, congestion, basic electricity consumption of street lights, operating time, WIFI user access, traffic usage, and online status of other devices.