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Industrial 4G/5G router for self-service payment machine data transmit

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This is a solution for automatic medicine vending machine based on wireless 4G/5G Router . Introduce how to realize the data transmit for the automation medicine vending machine .


self-service payment machine,4G/5G networking, vending machines


As market competition growing in mobile operators industry, the rapid increase in payment requires high quality public service, so mobile operators continue to bring out new products and services, to enhance their own competitiveness.

So the self-service payment machine come out,it is an important service channel to provide convenient self-service. It realize “self-service” for client and “information “for operator . The service is between people and machine so customer dissatisfaction is not exist any more . It will saves manpower and reduce operating cost.

System introduction

Self-service payment machine networking including POS machine,Self-service payment machine and remote video surveillance.

Front-end equipment:POS machine,Self-service payment machine,cameras,Smoke detectors etc.

Transmit device:Caimore 4G/5G router.

Transmit networking:4G/5G network from operators.

Monitoring equipment:local video surveillance and remote network and video surveillance.

The whole system consist of Caimore router transmit the data between subbranch and head office with 4G/5G network and remote video surveillance.

How to realize

Router send the payment info.,obstacles alarm to monitoring center by 4G/5G Router,then router receive the order from data center to the self-service payment machines.Like:Price adjust,stop payment etc.monitoring center connect with public network with APN network and issue the control info.to self-service payment machine IPC. Also receive the reported data from self-service payment machine.

System structure and main functions:

1. To implement real-time information sharing among self-service payment machine, e-commercial company and customer, and high efficient distribution.
2. To realize “24 hours” delivery service, and upload all the real time information to enterprise cloud server.
3. To linke vending machine terminal with e-commerical, courier companies, networking company, UnionPay, and property, in order to exchange the lots of data.
4. To achieve centralized management of distributed vending machine terminal, and real-time control running status, in order to rapid reduce the courier’s business operation cost improve the service quality and operating efficiency of operators.
5. The reliable operational data reports provide a decisioin-making basis for operators to improve the information level of logistics industry, and promote the rapid development and the community-based’s quick distribution.
6. Site video monintoring, image capture, view the each positioning’s capture pictures in order to storage the video evidence of man-made damage to the vending machine.
7. Wireless router communicated by wireless networking, absolve the wiring problems and environment factors. As long as the single of cell phone is nomal, it can access into network automatic with the advantage of installation easily and flexibly.
According to simply web page configuration, wireless router can dial-up automatically and send out the connection request, and rapid to link with the web-basid router management platform easily.

System core product:

This system’s core device is CM520-8X4G/5G wireless router, which can build up a transmission channel between vending machine and enterprise service platform. It is industrial products based on 4G/5G wireless communication network, using 32 bits high-performance industrial MIPS communication process, embedded real-time operation system software RTOS , also integrates the full range from logical chain road layer to the application layper protocol. It support static and dynamic routing, PPP server and client, DHCP server and client, DDNS, firewall, NAT, DMZ host and so on functions. This device can provide users the wireless network with security, high speed, stable, reliable variety router forwarder protocol.

Main feature:

Build-in 4G/5G module, dual-mode online at the same time, free to switch.

Dual-mode link backup, support for 4G/5G and wired backup.

Support VPDN, APN, support IPSec (support CA digital certificate), GRE, IPIP, PPTP, L2TP and DHCP Server.

Support WEB, CLI, SSH, platform variety of parameters management, local, remote, platform firmware and patch updates.

Support SMS, voice wake-up, data trigger on line.

Support parameter backup and import, private key import/export and parameters configuration.

Product advantage:

Easy to use, automatic dial-up when power on, low failure rate

Dual watchdog design, always online mode, and ensure 24-hour online operation and automatic maintenance.

Support M2M cloud platform equipment online management function, easy maintenance, low cost.

EMC electromagnetic compatibility 3,4 grade, suitable for high stability requirements, noisy environments