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Industrial 4G MNVR For Oil and Gas Field Monitoring

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Industrial 4G MNVR is used for remote control of the truck loading process. In the future it will be used also for video surveillance of the station.

1. The reliability of communication - communication systems have to withstand the long-term harsh conditions and strong electromagnetic interference or noise interference, and maintain communications.
2. The construction costs -meet the reliability you should consider the construction costs and long-term use and maintenance costs.So wireless is your best choice.
3. The two-way communication - not only can upload information , but also to release controlled amount.
4. The multi-service data transfer rate - With the growing of terminal business, the master station to the sub-stations, sub-stations to the terminal communication increase the demand on multi-service data transfer rate multiple services
5. The flexibility and scalability of communication - the charging pile has many points, wide coverage and dispersed characteristics so it needs a standard communication protocol, with the development of "ALL IP" network technology trends and the grows of electric power operations ,IP bearer needs to consider ,also ask for easy installation , construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

System Solution
Xiamen Caimore 2G / 3G / 4G wireless MDVR (cameras, image capture, alarm, intercom, GPS positioning, environmental temperature and humidity testing, RS232 / RS485, routing) connect with charging pile concentrators, battery management system (BMS ) to realize wireless data remote transmission. With this the charging pile management service platform enables powerful operators management , user management, customer management, charging pile / charging station management, statistical analysis, fault alarms, report equipment repair management, device map display function. Reliable wireless data connections save installation costs, so the majority of users can use mobile App (main function 1, user-centered, 2 ,device management 3, device control / View 4, charging plan,5, equipment authorized share 6, equipment rental 7, online search and navigation 8, online billing and payment, etc.) to experience the convenience by charging piles .

1.The system uses all-IP approach
Different from the traditional video surveillance system like camera point transmission mode, using IP networking mode, that is,each front end camera within the network has a unique IP address, in order to ensure a wide range of networking correct addressing and simple to be wired, no port association.
2.System front-end uses megapixels HD IP Camera
130,200,300,500 million pixel high-definition digital video camera, images can be compressed by JPEG format, or more space-saving H.264 format to ensure effective monitoring system has a sufficiently clear picture of the results, completely avoid the other key image processing mode mosaic phenomenon. At the same time through a video encoder it is compatible with traditional video surveillance and access control PTZ.

Intelligent video analysis integrated into tmanagement platform
The video analysis function perfectly integrated into the video management platform, through the timeline linkage for alarm, search, and intelligent reporting to efficiently analyze the video presented to the user. User-friendly interface
The system uses a standard Windows interface which is easy to use. Users can define their own interface and save the layout, all the windows are floating and can be dragged to any location on the screen.

High Security
All user name and password for the network are encrypted. Video output and playback, call to the server data must be authorized

High reliability
The system uses the cloud server architecture for backup between multiple servers. The status of each server in the cloud is the same, when a server sends fault, the backup server automatically join and take over the failed server.

Simple-operated Software
Software is simple, modular structure, with intelligent analysis functions can be applied to Windows2000 / NT, XP operating system.

Main Function:
The main function of the system including video management, user management, alarm management, virtual matrix, video analysis, intelligent search, intelligent report.
1)remote video images in real time browsing, video recording, playback, analysis, remote over the network, multiple users can simultaneously browse.
2)The video surveillance alarm linkage function can play the role on the automatic alarm a timely warning and timely treatment for other emergencies like reverse driving, illegal vehicles stay and people moving in highway.
3)With rapid alert search, query function, and can automatically generate reports.
4)Video surveillance by combining the advantages of remote and local personnel operating experience, to avoid misuse.
5)Actual site conditions and other emergencies can be clearly observed in any number of on-site monitoring points ; the total video can be viewing in monitoring center at any time