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RTU for Pump House Unattended Remote Wireless Control System

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First,System Consists

The Wireless control system whole system consists of three parts: data acquisition and detection, on-site monitoring and control, and remote monitoring and command.

1. Data collection and testing.The data collection field monitoring and control part is composed of management control software and manual centralized operation panel.

2. The control computer and the management control software form an automatic monitoring system,which is responsible for collating and analyzing

the data transmitted by the module,making decisions according to the control strategy,and storing the data records. The manual centralized operation panel and the automatic monitoring system implement control functions in parallel.

3. Remote monitoring and command.The remote monitoring command part is composed of computer, management software and network transmission part.

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Second,System Design

1. System working principle

A remote control box is installed in each remote well location. The core equipment in the control box is RTU. The RTU collects the field device

information and finally transmits it to the pump room monitoring server. The server stores the information, analyzes, forwards, and outputs the

information. The normal system operates in the pump room client and the networked client.

2. Field hardware part

The system is divided into two categories: remote well locations and central pumping station.

Each remote well has a control box, combined with the system function, the core equipment is RTU.

3. Field controller RTU

The field controller RTU is the core hardware of the system, and its advantages and disadvantages directly determine the quality of the system.

The controller used in this system is RX-204, which is a microcomputer monitoring and protection unit.It is aimed at high and low voltage power monitoring and protection,distribution network monitoring and protection, power monitoring and protection;chemical industry, oil field transfer station,water source well,A measuring and control unit specially designed for three-phase AC monitoring and protection, specially developed for the occasion of a large number of three-phase power supply, such as a pumping station.

RTU Pump control

Third, System Function

◆ Remotely monitor the water level or inbound pressure, outbound flow, and outbound pressure of each pumping station.

◆ Remotely monitor the working state, current, voltage, protection status and working mode of the pressurized pump set.

◆ Remotely switch the control mode of the water pump and remotely control the start and stop of the pump of the pressurized pump set.

◆ When optical fiber communication,support video online monitoring pump station panorama,electrical control room and other important stations.

◆ When there is current and voltage over-limit,water level over-limit,equipment protection,etc., the monitoring center can sound and light alarm.

◆ Supports the storage and query of various monitoring information,control information, alarm information, and operation information.

RTU Pump control

Fourth, Functional Characteristics

◆ Collect inbound pipeline pressure or clear water level, outbound pressure, and outbound flow.

◆ Collect the starting and stopping status, working current, working voltage and electric energy parameters of each pressure pump.

◆ Collect the switch status and power of each switch room.

◆ In optical fiber communication, the image monitors the pump station's panoramic position, electrical room, pump room and other importantstations.

◆ Support manual control, automatic control, remote control of the pressure pump starter cabinet start and stop, the control mode can be switched.

◆ According to the water supply pressure and pump running time, intelligently select the pump to put into operation.

◆ When the current is too large, the phase is missing, the water level is too low, the control cabinet is protected, the power distribution room is faulty, the idle person enters, etc., the information is reported immediately.

◆ Support wireless communication methods such as optical fiber communication, local area network communication, GPRS, and short message.

◆ Store, display, and query pump station monitoring data and working parameters.

◆ Support multi-channel image monitoring. (wired communication method)

◆ Support local and remote maintenance monitoring and control equipment.