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ATM Wireless Video Surveillance Based On Industrial LTE Router

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Bank works as the main currency circulation place in today's society, and important part of the national economy operation , people are increasing higher requirements on them, not only require clean and beautiful, but also convenient, efficient, safe, high-tech environment. With the growth of bank financial institutions business volume, business disputes are increasing, bank robbery also sometime occurs, so the safety of the financial system is put forward with new demands.

The traditional single-mode analog television monitoring system has lagged far behind the security requirements of modern commercial banks , no matter from the monitoring methods, or from viewing video method. With the development of wireless communications networking, network digital video surveillance has become the first choice for many banks to monitor users’ behavior and become viable solution for modernization and efficient management.

Control center can connect to a plurality of remote branches , Any host in local area network at the center can monitor a number of different branches’ on site view at the same time. There are sub-control computer in the the relevant departments, such as presidents, security room ,sub-control computer can monitor and control live video images from any number of on site at certain time. It adopts advanced Server / Clients system which use TCP / IP to transmit and compress images. So whatever it is an image remote transmitter or remote receivers,it just simply define IP address and compose the network arbitrarily.

System solutions include the device layer, communications layer, control layer, the device layer comprises IP Camera or PTZ and DVR; communications layer includes industrial 3G/4G router; Control layer include CCTV monitor,PC software, servers, workstations, printers, etc. . System configuration is shown below

1.Lower construction cost
Easy to install and maintain,use APN/VPDN encryption tunnel
2.Wider monitored range and higher data transmission rate
Scattered distributed ATM connected by 3G/4G,high resolution image can be real time transmitted quickly