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CM520 Router Industrial Robot Application System

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Industrial robots are multi-joint manipulators or multi-degree-of-freedom mechanical devices that are widely used in the industrial field. They have a certain degree of automation and can rely on their own power energy and control capabilities to achieve various industrial processing and manufacturing functions. Industrial robots are widely used in various industrial fields such as electronics, logistics, and chemicals. The current Internet of Things technology and TCP/IP protocol transmit the status and alarm information of industrial robots to the data monitoring center, realize its remote data monitoring and fault diagnosis, find problems and quickly solve them, which is of great significance in modern industrial production.

In current situation of the robot application industry and the requirements of higher service quality for industrial robot equipment manufacturers, Caimore provides CM520 industrial routers to assist manufacturers to create a complete set of industrial robot intelligent remote operation and maintenance management system solutions.

5G/4G/3G WIFI wireless gateway is a RJ45 interface with wireless LAN WIFI, 1 WAN port, and 4 Ethernet ports. The device supports LAN WIFI function (802.11 a/b/g/n) and WAN 3G/4G/WIFI wireless network function. At the same time, the system is loaded with security functions such as WAN communication VPN tunnel and WIFI LAN transmission security authentication. The equipment adopts high-performance industrial-grade MIPS communication processor, embedded real-time operating system as the software support platform, and the system supports VPN (including PPTP+L2TP+MPPE and IPSEC+GRE), IPTABLE firewall, static and dynamic routing, PPPOE, PPP server and PPP client, DHCP server and DHCP client, DDNS, firewall, SNAT/DNAT, DMZ host, WEB configuration, support APN/VPDN, support automatic dialing after power-on, automatic maintenance of communication link, ensure that the link is always online, support automatic Timing on-line and off-line, timing switch machine and other functions.

The product adopts industrial-grade design; the system has watchdog WDT protection, and is also loaded with system monitoring protection SWP (System Watch Protect); it has passed the 3000V electric shock test; it has a patented technology to maintain the stability of the system to ensure that the equipment is always online, the product performance is stable and reliable.

Interface Parameters


1 10/100 Base-T. Ethernet IEEE 802-3, 802-2. Built-in 1.5kV electromagnetic isolation protection.


Can be used as WAN port or LAN port.

Serial Port

1 RS232(Console Port)

Data Bit


Stop Bit


Parity Bit


Serial Speed

110bps ~ 230400bps

Flow Control

None flow control, RTS/CTS or XON/XOFF


Standard SMA female interface, 50 Ohm


1.8V/3V/5V standard putter user card interface, built-in 15KV ESD protection.


Standard round power socket

Reset Button

Reset button to restore factory settings

Application Figure

System Advantages

  • Online maintenance patented technology: intelligent anti-dropping, online detection, online maintenance, automatic redial when offline, and automatic reset when abnormal to ensure that the device is always online.

  • Three-layer system protection: Two-level (software protection + CPU built-in watchdog WDT protection) system protection, and a system virtual guard VWM (Virtual Man Watch) detection and protection function is added to ensure the system is stable and reliable.

  • UIM/SIM card ESD protection: 1.8V/3V/5V standard card slot, built-in 15KV ESD protection.

  • Metal shell: adopt metal shell, anti-radiation and anti-interference; the shell and the system are safely isolated, the lightning protection design; meets the requirements of electric safety regulations; IP31; especially suitable for harsh environment.

  • All wireless modules have passed CGD certification or FCC certification or CE certification.

  • High-speed processing CPU: Using high-speed industrial-grade CPU, it can  process various protocol data conversion at a higher speed; solve the difficult problems of "fake online", "fake offline"and "crash" in the industry.

  • Memory management MMU: The new CPU comes with a memory management MMU, which can prevent system instability caused by abnormal system memory.

  • Large memory: FLASH 128M, DDR2 128M, there is a large memory to buffer the data sent by the customer, and at the same time receive the large data packet, the data will not be lost.

  • Perfect protocol stack: Adopts a complete TCP/IP protocol stack; it makes the network communication performance excellent and greatly reduces the probability of dropping.

  • Excellent EMC performance: passed the 3000V electric shock test, especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environments; the system has excellent EMC/EMI, and the system is stable and reliable; passed the EMC test.