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MVR Taxi Intelligent Monitoring and Management System

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Taxi is one of the main transportation vehicles in the city. It runs day and night in various areas. From the aspect of vehicle safety, video surveillance is needed. From the perspective of taxi driver's service, the operating company needs to make a management plan. It has become necessary to establish an efficient, unified, wide-coverage, and universal taxi on-board 4G monitoring system dispatch system, and it is also an urgent need for taxi managers that has long been awaited.

The “Taxi Integrated Management System'' integrates GPS monitoring, audio and video monitoring, car hire appointments, vehicle management, driver management, vehicle violation alarms and other functions to achieve a comprehensive system for comprehensive monitoring and management of taxi enterprise vehicle operations . The system supervises the entire process of taxi services, and comprehensively supervises the empty/passenger status of vehicles, operating routes, and operating charges. It effectively prevents taxis operating without metering, carpooling, refusal to load, detours, and other illegal behaviors, and is improving the society. While ensuring the safe, standardized and effective operation of vehicles, it also improves the management and service levels of taxi companies.

MVR/CM530-81F, is an integrated intelligent wireless video encryption monitoring terminal developed independently by Caimore. It integrates many new and high technologies, such as video encryption, video acquisition, 3G/4G wireless communication technology, voice and intercom, advertisement playing, alarm, GPS positioning, snapshot, cloud platform control, video and video blackout protection, hard disk storage, TF card storage, remote video playback, four-port routing, VPN, DTU data transmission and other technologies.

System functions

1. Unified scheduling management

After the taxi management center releases the dispatch information to the relevant vehicles through the management platform, the driver can see the dispatch information on the dispatch screen.

2. Historical track query:

Through the management platform, the geographic location of the taxi can be located in real time and real-time supervision can be achieved.

Through the historical trajectory playback function, it can supervise whether the driver has maliciously detoured and carried passengers privately.

3. Real-time video surveillance and on-site picture capture

The video surveillance and photo capture of driving position monitoring can effectively regulate the behavior of drivers, and can provide a reliable basis for spot checks on driving behavior and evidence collection for customer complaints.

Passenger seat monitoring can effectively deter criminals with criminal attempts and eliminate the danger before it happens.

Outside monitoring can provide strong evidence for the investigation of traffic accidents.

4. One-key alarm on the Internet

In the event of a robbery or a car accident, the alarm button can be triggered to send an alarm to the taxi management center or the 110 alarm center, so that the police or rescue personnel can rush to the scene in time.