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Video Surveillance MNVR Application in Wireless Smart City

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With the continuous development of technology, wireless video surveillance systems will be one of the most widely used applications of wireless network technology. At the same time, with the construction of wireless cities, wireless video surveillance is bound to be one of its killer applications. The application scenarios are extremely wide, such as:

- Traffic lights wireless monitoring and camera transmission system
- Bus wireless monitoring alarm system
- Highway wireless camera monitoring alarm management system
- Public bicycles wireless video data transmission management system
- Rail wireless audio and video management system
- Water flood control and environmental monitoring time taking pictures management system
- Troops vehicle mobile intelligent integrated management
- Police commanding sector vehicle mobile intelligent integrated management
-Special vehicle mobile intelligent integrated management
- Taxi company vehicles mobile intelligent integrated management
- High-voltage electrical inspection wireless monitoring alarm Integrated Management System
- Maritime shipping wireless video alarm (GPS positioning) Management System-
-Oil extraction wireless video unattended management system
- Logistics transport vehicles mobile intelligent integrated management
- Finance Bank ATM machine Security Integrated Management System
- Thermal power wireless video alarm linkage management system

Intelligent video surveillance. The future video surveillance system will not only be limited to passively provide video images, but also require the system itself to be intelligent enough to recognize different objects, find abnormalities in the surveillance images, and send out alarms in the fastest and best way. Provide useful information to more effectively assist security personnel in dealing with crises, and minimize false positives and under-reports, and become a powerful auxiliary tool for responding to attacks and handling emergencies. Intelligent video surveillance can also be applied to a variety of non-safety-related scenarios such as traffic management, customer behavior analysis, and customer service to improve the return on investment of users.

Xiamen Caimore Video Surveillance Terminal CM530 MNVR realizes intelligent video surveillance. The product features are as follows:

Industrial Encryption SD, HD wireless video monitoring terminal
1.Support video sources encryption to ensure the transmission safety of the video monitoring system
2.Support CIF/D1/ HD format, up to 1920*1080HD
3.Support TV wall, remote and local watch, mobile app
4.Support voice bidirectional talk, IO alarming
5.Support BD/GPS positioning, track playback, capture and power protection
6.Support 3T hard disk storage, 128G TF card storage
7.Support RS232/RS485, DTU communication
8.Support RJ45, support router function

Wireless Video Survailiance Solution

CAIMORE Qualification and testing
1, wireless communication online maintain patent technology
2, Moore Laboratory’s high and low temperature test report
3, Product Quality Inspection Detection of Fujian Institute
4, copyrights certificate
5, EMC test report
6, the state compulsory 3C certification

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