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Xiamen CAIMORE Intelligent public transportation system

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Intelligent public transportation system is a major trend in the development of smart cities in the future. It can provide efficient and convenient solutions for different transportation modes or management methods, and provide passengers with timely and reliable traffic information and Internet services.

Xiamen Caimore Industrial Router CM520-8AF has passed CE/RoHS/FCC/E-mark-E24 certification, and meets the requirements of anti-shake, anti-lightning, wide temperature and wide pressure for equipment in automotive applications. The application of Caimore Communication's vehicle-mounted industrial router in the intelligent public transportation system, on the one hand, the position information and vehicle condition information of the motor vehicles can be transmitted to the traffic monitoring center in real time, and abnormal conditions can also be reported in time by email and SMS. On the other hand, the router can convert a 3G/4G network to a Wi-Fi network, providing passengers with free Internet access. In addition, owners can push information to passengers according to their needs to maximize service quality.

Product Features:

1. Support 4G

2. Single SIM Card Slot

3. Single WIFI

4. Single Module - support for different countries’ operators

5. Advertisement push: Ads push Once connect to WIFI;Ads push when surf online after connecting to WIFI

* Able to set display time, different display modes

6. VOD(Video on demand) function: we can store videos, songs, etc for passenger's request display and entertainment purpose. TF Card optional.

7. Two TF Card slots ( Buy TF Card in your local)

8. Multi - authenticated way, Internet Behavior management, traffic control, IP control, etc.

9.Software remotely upgrading, TF content remotely update, remote tracking(GPS)

10. Support up to 80+user connect and up to 25 user VOD at the same time.

11. Web-based management platform

Vehicle Router solution:

CAIMORE Qualification and testing

1, wireless communication online maintain patent technology

2, Moore Laboratory’s high and low temperature test report

3, Product Quality Inspection Detection of Fujian Institute

4, copyrights certificate

5, EMC test report

6, the state compulsory 3C certification

Why Caimore
Caimore Communication devotes herself to IOT and the industrial automation fields , provides wireless products, Xiamen focus on supporting high-tech enterprises; 15 years of industry research and development and industrial applications accumulation test.

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