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Water and Wastewater

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Xiamen Caimore’s DTU for water meter remote control

Water conservation company works go to every site do read the meter . It takes a long time and cost much . Things going on in poor efficiency . So a high efficiency and realtime remote water meter reading is required .

2 . The solution :

Caimore wireless cellular DTU can perfectly solve this problem . Now more and more water meter embed a single chip . It can read data from the meter and connect to other devices with RS232 or RS485 serial port . Caimore DTU connect to the water meters with RS485 and establish a communication between water meter and management center by wireless GPRS/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE network. So the management center can read every meter To realize remote centralized monitoring and the elevator safety management .
Caimore DTU connect to center sever by wireless GPRS/CDMA/LTE network to provide a Transparent transmission tunnel and realize the network between the water meter .
3 . Why Caimore :

Caimore products builds rugged, reliable devices that can do their jobs in tough environments. And we get your data where it needs to go, whether it’s via wired connections, wireless connections or one of the many possible combinations of the two.Also there are many parents and qualifications in our side . We can provide you a competitive and useful solution.

Features for our DTU :
(1) The reliability of communication--the communication system need to withstand the harsh environment of long-term and strong electromagnetic interference or noise, and to maintain the smooth flow of communication.
(2) Construction costs--it need to consider the construction cost, long-term using and maintenance cost in meeting the reliability of premise.
(3) Bi-directional communication --it is not only to achieve the amount of information uploaded, but also to achieve a controlled amount of release.
(4) Multi-service data transfer rate--with the growing volume of terminal business in future, the communication between the master station and the sub-station or sub-station to the terminal communication, will have a high request on multi-service data transfer rates
(5) Communication flexibility and scalability--due to the characteristics of multi-surface control point, wide and dispersed surface, charging pile will use a standard communication protocol. With the growing business of electric power operation and “ALL IP” network technology’s development, IP-based services need to be considered bearer, and also require to facilitate the installation and construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.