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Industrial router On POS Wireless Networking Solution

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With the development of science and technology, for many merchants, it has been an important way of providing customers a good convenient payment method by POS to improve their market competitiveness. POS credit card transactions continue to grow.

3G wireless business gradually matures, which makes POS without being limited by time and space. POS can be used whenever and wherever is possible, that impresses a lot of merchants.

2 . The solution :

Caimore 4G/3G wireless router with its high stable performance provides complete M2M solution for this applications, including GPS positioning, network monitoring, data analyzing, etc. It is a great move in helping the construction of infrastructure.

3 . Why Caimore :

Caimore had devoted themselves in SCADA/IOT/M2M for more than 13 years . Mainly deal in MNVR/MDVR/Bus wifi router with VOD function for advertisement pushing / Industrial router with and without wifi/RTU/DTU(IP can.)/SMS modem etc.

Products with 2G/3G/4G network type are available . Also different cellular for different requirements . 

Caimore products builds rugged, reliable devices that can do their jobs in tough environments. And we get your data where it needs to go, whether it’s via wired connections, wireless connections or one of the many possible combinations of the two.Also there are many parents and qualifications in our side . We can provide you a competitive and useful solution.

3. Main Function:

1)Achieving real-time information sharing among operational units, electric vehicle users and third party private payment platform, at any time convenient for electric vehicle charging

2)Help electric vehicle to realize truly "24 hours"charging service , charge and pay  as well as other information real time upload to enterprise backstage.

3)Connecting the charging pile, electric vehicle users, operating units, mobile company, China Union Pay and even the national grid together, to achieve a large number of data exchange

4)Realize the centralized management for decentralized charging pile terminal , to real-time control terminal operating conditions, reduce the charging pile business operating costs, improve the quality of service operators and operating efficiency

5)Reliable operational data reports provide decision-making basis for operators to improve the level of information charging industry, promote fast charging and intelligent urban construction industry

6)Site video surveillance, image capture, view the operators point snapped pictures, to get the proof image on the charging by man-made damage,to ensure pile charging equipment safe track and be ready to forensics.

7)2G/3G/4G wireless router uses wireless networking, is not troubled by the wiring problems, less affected by the on-site environmental factors, as long as there are cell phone signals and easy and flexible installation; 3G/4G wireless router by simply page configuration, the wireless router automatically dial and send connection request to connect the Internet, the wireless router can quickly access the router management platform. WEB architecture design, it is easy access.

4. Features

1.Industrial grade design,anti vibration and anti severe environment

2.Inbuilt 3G/4G module,switch over 3G/4G and WAN

3.Support VPDN,APN,VPN(PPTP,L2TP,IPsec,Gre)

4.Support WEB、CLI、SSH,various parameter management, remote update and control.

4 . Qualification and testing

1, wireless communication online maintain patent technology

2, Moore Laboratory’s high and low temperature test report

3, Product Quality Inspection Detection of Fujian Institute 

4, copyrights certificate

5, EMC test report

6, the state compulsory 3C certification

5 . Certification and Honor:

2009 Caimore's GPRS DTU product was named "Innovation Award";

2011 Caimore was awarded "Best Supplier of Customer Satisfaction in China's Industrial Control Sector"

2012 Caimore becomes a member of China Association For Quality Promotion

2013 becomes a member of Intelligent PEB Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance;

2010 Caimore was certified as state high-tech enterprises;

2010 Caimore was certified as state dual-soft enterprise.

Caimore has a patented technology certificates and keep the device steady 12 software copyrights certificate;  we have set up nine regional offices, 66 agents in the domestic to provide customers with convenient proximity Care;its registered capital is 12.8 million; and it is Xiamen focus on supporting high-tech enterprises; 12 years of industry research and development and industrial applications accumulation test.