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The application of 5G industrial routers in the Internet of Things

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As an important part of the IoT, the IIoT is to continuously integrate various acquisition and control sensors or controllers with sensing and monitoring capabilities, as well as mobile communication, intelligent analysis and other technologies into all aspects of the industrial production process, thereby improving manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce product cost and resource consumption. As the core communication equipment in IoT applications, 5G industrial routers can connect to on-site sensing equipment to implement data collection, and connect to the cloud through wireless networks to achieve remote online control and management, achieving industrial automation, intelligence, and technological management.


Caimore 5G industrial router supports data collection, data transmission, data calculation analysis, remote control and other functions, solves the problems of data collection, equipment networking, remote operation and maintenance in industrial IoT applications, and helps traditional enterprises to form core competitive advantages. It has been widely used in automation, manufacturing, energy, construction, telemedicine, smart retail and other fields.


Caimore 5G router industrial IoT application advantages:

1. The device integrates 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, supports full Netcom 5G network access, and can be online on multiple networks at the same time. It has passed the operator's 5G network speed test. 5G network seamless switching, super WIFI coverage.

2. Support multiple protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, OICQ, TELNET, FTP, etc.

3. The equipment supports secondary development, users can develop private protocols according to their needs, and the equipment can be compatible with various industry regulations and standards.

4. Support the backup function of 5G/4G wireless link and broadband link. When wireless communication is not possible, it will automatically switch to PPPOE broadband network and adopt adaptive mode.

5. The system has a watchdog WDT protection, and a system monitoring protection SWP is loaded to ensure stable data transmission.

6. It adopts metal shell, anti-electromagnetic interference, system protection grade IP41, with lightning protection design. The ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature design of the system is especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.