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Vehicle wireless router realizes internal and external monitoring of buses

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The traditional public transportation industry does not use 4G router video monitoring system, which cannot effectively solve the public security monitoring in the bus, monitor passengers' fare evasion, and the stealing of fares by passengers and passengers. Traffic accidents such as vehicle scratches or collisions during the operation of the vehicle cannot be distinguished afterwards. Responsible for the accident, and the central supervisory personnel cannot grasp the operation of the on-board terminal subsystem in real time, and the operation of public transportation vehicles is in a backward status of "invisible and inaudible".

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1. Monitor the internal environment of the bus

The bus is a densely crowded and closed mobile public place, and its public security situation is more complicated. Disputes between drivers and passengers often occur. There are cases of thieves among passengers, and public security incidents such as fights between passengers due to seat grabbing, crowding, trampling, etc. occur. If there is no surveillance video to collect evidence afterwards, it is difficult to restore the situation that happened at the scene, which has been plagued by bus safety managers and public security departments, and has seriously interfered with social stability and unity.

2. Monitor the external environment of the bus

Buses running on crowded urban roads often encounter traffic accidents such as scratches and collisions with social vehicles in front or behind the vehicle, collisions with passersby and other accidents, and even intentional “ceramic collision”. The on-board cameras installed in the front and rear of the car can be used for surveillance to ensure that the forensics can provide video data after the incident.

3. Monitor bus operation

Often after the bus leaves the field or the station, the driver takes the initiative, and the central dispatcher or supervisor cannot check the operation of the vehicle. Using the on-board video surveillance system allows supervisors to understand the operating conditions inside and outside the bus and the location of the vehicle in real time on the central platform or mobile phone client, and effectively monitor the driver's irregular behavior such as making calls, smoking, and chatting with passengers while driving in the vehicle .

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CAIMORE Qualification and testing

1, wireless communication online maintain patent technology

2, Moore Laboratory’s high and low temperature test report

3, Product Quality Inspection Detection of Fujian Institute

4, copyrights certificate

5, EMC test report

6, the state compulsory 3C certification

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