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During COVID-19, people need protective equipment more than ever. A vending machine can be the perfect solution to providing your customers and employees with the required facemasks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and other PPE products.

Vending machines for COVID-19 protection products

Benefits of vending machines for the management of PPE in companies

Key benefits
• Make legally required face masks available for people to purchase
• Simple and quick operation to prevent journey delays
• Offer additional items to help customers protect themselves and others
• Cashless payment to reduce risk of spreading infection
• Simple maintenance and refilling
• Easily re-configurable to sell other items after the pandemic

Fast performance
Delivering unparalleled speed, reliability and screen responsiveness

Cashless payments
Capture every sale with a built-in and intuitive cashless solution

Impressive capacity
Holds around 600 masks to avoid out-of-stock events and reduce need for frequent restocking

Multiple sales
Shopping cart function enables fast multiproduct purchases with one simple transaction

Our weatherproof machines offer flexibility of positioning to suit your requirements

Flexibility to reconfigure
Easily re-configurable to sell snacks, confectionery and other items to generate revenue after the pandemic, and change back if needed during another outbreak

How to realize Smart PPE Vending Machines
Contactless sales and efficient operation

The system uses the industrial 5G/4G industrial computer CM580-6BF to provide wireless network transmission for the vending machine to realize the networking connection between vending machine and different back-end platforms of the user. The system mainly includes the front-end self-service vending machine and the Caimore network transmission data collection system And the three parts of the cloud management platform.

CM580-6BF is an embedded industrial Motherboard with low power consumption and high performance. It use Rockchip RK3288 series CPU, and ARM processor combined with Android operating system to provide a very broad and free App operating.

Main functions of communication equipment:

1. Realize the 5G/4G wireless networking of the vending machine, so that it has stable communication capabilities.

2. Realize the real-time and safe transmission of data such as vending machine inventory quantity and payment information.

3. Realize remote control operations such as switching vending machines and adjusting commodity prices.

4. Realize remote real-time monitoring of the operating status of industrial computer and vending machine.

5. Realize remote fault diagnosis, accurate alarm, and remote repair of communication faults.

Functions of vending machine cloud management platform:

The cloud management platform provides a wealth of API interfaces, which can quickly realize quick docking and customized development with the business operation platform of the operating enterprise, thereby providing customers with powerful, low-cost comprehensive equipment management and extended development. The main functions include:

1. Through the powerful unified terminal management capability, remote parameter configuration, upgrade, maintenance and management of the terminal can be implemented to save network management and terminal maintenance costs.

2. Sophisticated business statistical reports and analysis functions provide accurate basis for business operation decision-making.

3. Abundant network status statistics functions, real-time grasp of equipment online, offline, and warning lights status, and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

4. The accurate geographic location query function saves maintenance personnel's time to go to the equipment site.

5. Differentiated fault alarm management function, remote fault diagnosis, reduce business losses.

6. Through the WEB interface and embedded management tools, realize the penetration management of cloud business and lower computer.

7. Support cross-platform UI interface development to meet customers' short-term, low-cost customization needs.

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