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Smart Street Light Cloud Platform

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Platform overview

As the control center of the city's smart light poles, the Caimao smart street light cloud platform, together with the Caimao smart street light gateway CM560, can effectively observe, control, and forecast the city's various infrastructures. Through the GIS map, the platform can quickly locate various sensors and equipment terminals for information query, statistics and management of related equipment, including setting control and scheduling strategies, querying the status and historical records of each sensing equipment, and changing the status of sensing equipment in real time. Running status, providing various reports and other functions. Caimao Smart Street Light Cloud Platform has powerful functions as follows:


lighting control system

With single lamp and group control system: The system provides a variety of control methods to realize the setting of the switch lamp scheme, which can remotely turn on, turn off, and dim the lamp according to a single lamp or group. At the same time, the brightness of street lamps can be intelligently adjusted according to the flow of people, traffic, and ambient light and darkness according to preset settings, without human intervention.

Automatic inspection system

It can automatically inspect the working conditions of lines and equipment, and the abnormal information is directly displayed on the electronic map, which is convenient for the direct management personnel to directly confirm the location and abnormal situation, and deal with it in time.

Charging pile control system

It can realize charging control for charging piles, so that no one charges, and alleviate the problem of insufficient charging piles in cities.

Street light data display

The online rate, lighting rate, energy consumption and other data of street light equipment are displayed in real time, and statistical charts are generated at the same time.

Environmental monitoring data display

View the data returned by the front-end environmental sensor equipment, monitor the real-time working status of the sensor, and alarm and remind abnormal conditions, which can realize the automatic collection, analysis and storage of PM2.5, PM10, noise, temperature, humidity and other data in real time.

Information release platform

Use the LED display screen mounted on the smart light pole to release information in a timely manner, and can release information such as advertisements, meteorological data, and government affairs.

One-key alarm and rescue system

One-key alarm system, that is, emergency rescue system, integrated high-definition camera, support center call front-end, support two-way voice intercom, broadcasting and other functions, realize the first time to call for help, the pinhole lens is relatively hidden and difficult to find, which is convenient for Monitoring, the shell is made of metal to improve the explosion-proof level of the equipment. Under the condition that the police force remains unchanged, it provides faster and more effective services for the society, and effectively deter criminals, stabilize the hearts of the people, and play a positive role in social stability.


Video surveillance platform

It has the functions of face recognition and video in-depth analysis, which can not only play a role in security monitoring, but also monitor data such as the environment, traffic flow, and people flow to ensure hygiene and personal safety.

Urban waterlogging monitoring platform

Real-time monitoring and display of water level information, sewer data, manhole cover and other data in various parts of the city. Cameras, IP sound columns, alarm systems can be called, and multi-level linkage can be used to deal with abnormalities in the first time. At the same time, the relevant information will be sent to the LED screen, sound column, etc.