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4G MODEM For UPS monitoring system

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UPS is short of Uninterruptible Power Supply, which is an uninterruptible power supply that contains energy storage devices.When the mains input is normal, the UPS will stabilize the mains and supply it to the load. At this time, the UPS is an AC-type voltage stabilizer, and it also charges the battery in the machine; when the mains is interrupted (accidental power failure) Immediately, the UPS will continue to supply 220V AC power to the load by switching and converting the DC power of the battery from the battery, so that the load can maintain normal operation and protect the software and hardware of the load from damage. Mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply for some equipment that requires high power supply stability. It is widely used in: mining, aerospace, industry, communications, national defense, hospitals, computer business terminals, network servers, network equipment, data storage equipment , Emergency lighting systems, railways, shipping, transportation, power plants, substations, nuclear power plants, fire safety alarm systems, wireless communication systems, program-controlled switches, mobile communications, solar energy storage energy conversion equipment, control equipment and emergency protection systems, personal computers, etc.

UPS has become an indispensable important equipment in the computer room. As the last guarantee to ensure the power supply of the computer system, real-time monitoring of each UPS in the computer room is required. UPS monitoring content includes: UPS input voltage, current, frequency, output voltage, current, Load, battery voltage, UPS status, UPS alarm status, etc. UPS status includes normal operation, bypass operation, battery power supply, etc. UPS alarms include UPS faults: rectifier faults, inverter faults, battery faults and other faults. It is mainly monitored based on the content provided by the UPS protocol.

System topology diagram:

Xiamen CAIMORE 4G Modem/CM850 is used in the UPS monitoring system to realize remote management, which greatly saves costs in various aspects and can realize 24-hour unattended operation.

This system utilizes the public cellular network to realize the remote collection of UPS power related parameters by the server. After the CM850 MODEM establishes a TCP/UDP communication connection with the server, it can carry out two-way transparent data transmission. The effect is equivalent to the monitoring software for local collection, real-time viewing and monitoring of UPS operation, and regular maintenance and inspection.


Industrial Design:
1. Industrial wireless module: using industrial wireless module, with strong anti-interference and stable transmission.
2. Strengthened circuit board: PCB the principles of 20H and 3W, meanwhile all products of circuit boards used high-quality materials to ensure the plate material stable and reliable.
3. Industrial components: device components use strictly screened industrial-grade components.
4. Industrial Power: Wide voltage power supply design, adaptation range of power from DC5V to DC35V, built-in power supply for reverse current protection and over-voltage protection.

Stable and reliable:
1. Device supports serial I / O hardware reset, ensure that the equipment can work stablely at any time. Our dynamic link library DLL has supports control function of I / O hardware reset for easy use.
2. UIM / SIM card ESD protection: 1.8V/3V/5V standard putter user card interface, built-in 15KV ESD protection
3. Serial ESD protection: RS232/RS485/TTL/RS422, built-in 15KV ESD protection.
4. Metal shell: metal case, anti-radiation, anti-interference; shell and system security isolation, lightning protection design; meet the power requirements of safety regulations; protection rating IP41; particularly suitable for harsh industrial control environments
5. All wireless modules are certified by the CGD or FCC certification or CE certification.
6. EMC performance outstanding: passed 3000V electrical shock test, especially suitable for use under harsh industrial environments; system EMC / EMI performed excellent, system stable and reliable; passed EMC test; company's products was awarded "The Best Supplier of China's Industrial Control Industry " in 2010.
Powerful Function
1. Supports Chinese, English and other language,digital text messages sending and receiving, supports SMS alert.
2. Support wireless Internet access
3. Provides VB / VC / C # / DEPHI dynamic link library DLL and test procedures for easy development and software integration
4. We provide Short Message sending software to enable customers to send mass messages.
5. Industrial design, strong anti-interference ability, system stable, suitable for use in industrial control
6. Excellent low-temperature and high temperature performance
7. Easy to use, flexible and reliable
8. Supports standard AT command
9. Support WINDOW / LINUX operating system

Easy to use
1. Provides software to receive and send text messages, provides mass sending software, easy to use
2. Center Software: Provides C #, VC, VB, DEPHI center-side software, enabling customers to test
3. Offers a variety of dynamic link library DLL: provide dynamic libraries support of C #, VC, VB, DEPHI center-side software, provides user manual, enabling customers to quickly develop their own center-side applications
4. Types of interfaces: provide RS232 interface or RS485 interface or TTL interface or RS422 interface or USB interface or RJ45 Ethernet interface, supports all interfaces
5. Comprehensive network support: to provide both 2G network (GSM network), 2.5G network (GPRS network), 2.75G network (EDGE network), 3G network (WCDMA network, EVDO network, TD-SCDMA network), 4G networks (HSPA + Network , LTE network), supports all types of networks.