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Industrial Wireless Transmission System Based on Industrial Grade 4G DTU Power Distribution Network

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The traditional distribution network operation management relies on a large amount of manpower, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, has low work efficiency, and lacks real-time. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to adopt modern sensor measurement technology, communication technology, computer information technology and automatic control technology. By using advanced sensors, meters, digital controls and comprehensive analysis software to realize automatic monitoring of power grid, optimization Power grid performance, power outage, fast recovery and other functions.

4G DTU power distribution network

Distribution system automation is the use of modern electronics, computers, communications and network technology to integrate distribution network online data and offline data, distribution network and user data, grid structure and geographic graphics to form a complete automation system, DTU due to the use of economical and efficient structure, which becomes the most effective communication method for connecting the monitoring unit in the ring network cabinet of the city distribution network, makes the distribution automation system more advanced and more efficient.

4G DTU power distribution network

Program Description:

1. The power secondary device establishes serial communication with the DTU through the serial communication interface.

2. The DTU transmits the core data such as the secondary device status information to the power station main station through the GPRS network and the power private network.

3. The communication terminal needs to have the protocol conversion function of the power 101 protocol and the power 104 protocol.

4G DTU data transmitter

System value:

Power users put forward higher requirements for power quality and power supply reliability. The traditional urban distribution network structure and protection, operation and management methods have not adapted to the needs of the development of the power market, and a new power distribution mode is urgently needed to resolve this contradiction. By adopting the 4G DTU/GPRS distribution network automation solution, the power outage time is reduced, and the service level of the power supply enterprise is improved.