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Industrial GPRS 2G Modem For Solar Panel Monitoring​

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In recent years, the rapid development of China's economy, however, more and more serious environmental pollution, haze, dust storms seriously affected people's lives. National and local levels of government is very importance to environmental protection, increase the renewable energy infrastructure construction, especially in terms of investment and construction of electric power facilities. After several years of development, has made remarkable achievements in the electricity grid coverage has increased significantly, but constrained by natural conditions and other conditions, the current photovoltaic power plants generally have the following problems:

1, due to various reasons, the PV power plant built in remote areas are generally sunny, unattended, geographical environment and harsh natural conditions, in accordance with the conventional way of traditional monitoring real-time monitoring, maintenance is a very difficult thing, and it requires a lot of manpower and resources.
2, the battery is the highest PV power plant equipment failure rate due to battery failure in advance many, in addition to poorly designed, maintenance and management is not in place, the battery's operation and management is an important cause unreasonable premature failure of the battery.
3, due to the special nature of the grid, the power required to maintain a steady output, the traditional methods can not monitor the real-time recording operation of field devices, and can not be discovered and treated in time when equipment fails, the impact of this photovoltaic power plant electricity production effectiveness.

Therefore the establishment of photovoltaic power station intelligent monitoring system, effective monitoring of photovoltaic power plants, photovoltaic power plants for safe and reliable operation, has a very important practical significance. And by a plurality of photovoltaic power stations within the subordinate different categories, different types of inverters, photovoltaic modules, combiner box, computer protection, temperature sensors and other devices to manage. Achieve a plurality of photovoltaic power plant integrity, unity, real-time monitoring and operation management, can effectively reduce human disturbance, save manpower, reduce maintenance costs, intelligent monitoring and control, constitute a safe, intelligent, green energy dispatch manage large systems

System Introduction
Currently, most solar monitoring system monitoring technology from the implementation of the communication is divided into wired remote monitoring and remote monitoring two wireless. Wired remote monitoring mainly through on-site with the monitoring center cabling achieve long-distance signal transmission, real time, but the communication received from the restrictions, even through the line can not be too far away from the repeater, and the high cost of wiring, installation trouble, not easy to move and other shortcomings, especially in the terrain more complex system is installed in remote areas, the use of wired remote monitoring can not be achieved. Wireless remote monitoring is not restricted geographical and distance, especially those with special significance in remote areas, in saving labor and maintenance costs and installation costs above have an overwhelming advantage.

Front-end collection light physical layer device
To achieve dynamic expansion of access equipment, networking systems through self Caimore GPRS modem that is able to complete the new monitoring equipment, fast access. Data acquisition devices to access post-tiered storage, classification summary statistics, the use of monitoring data and event information, you can achieve centralized remote monitoring of power plant equipment, it can also provide technical tools and data support for fault diagnosis, but also for power management to provide comprehensive statistical data and various reports

Data acquisition and transmission layer
Photovoltaic substation remote monitoring system uses a cross-platform and modular design, easy to deploy, easy to operate, through WCTU GPRS-based wireless communication network technology can achieve unified management under the jurisdiction of the substation, can be customized according to the needs of their own management and monitoring status of the power industry. Unified collection system access control platform for all PV plant on-line monitoring equipment and systems: including bus systems, inverter systems, environmental systems, temperature control system, power and power quality equipment; data access is very comprehensive: including device status data equipment operating data, alarm data, event data, etc.; application service system provides a wide range of personnel services contain a variety of plant personnel, including operators, maintenance personnel, management personnel, etc.

SCADA Software
The system supports B / S and C / S application architecture, software follows tiered open architecture, among the service independently, hierarchical deployment, complete loosely coupled, independently of each service upgrades and maintenance, does not affect the application of other functions. A plurality of power in the region has been dispatching system, centralized control center and substation / power plant put into practical operation.
JTPV-RMS remote monitoring system substation photovoltaic power system as an important adjunct to production management, integration, high definition, intelligent substation safe operation of photovoltaic systems to provide a reliable guarantee.


System Features
PV monitoring system for solar photovoltaic power plant in the battery array combiner box, inverter, AC and DC power distribution cabinets, temperature sensors, solar tracking control system and other equipment for real-time monitoring and control, through a variety of styles of charts and data quickly master the operation of the power station, its user-friendly interface, powerful analysis capabilities, improve fault alarm ensures that solar photovoltaic power generation system is completely reliable and stable operation

collecting data
Real-time monitoring of voltage and current output of the solar panels; battery voltage, charge and discharge current, instantaneous power generation, total generation capacity, single battery voltage, single battery temperature, ambient temperature, the inverter output voltage, current, and power distribution switch status. Meanwhile, real-time monitoring of running status of peripheral equipment for data acquisition, such as mine status, circuit breaker status, CO2, SO2 reductions, etc.

Fault detection
Real-time monitoring of photovoltaic power plants and monitoring equipment operation status and fault information. When equipment fails, sent by GPRS modem I / O pins SMS alarm information, and equipment failure information is transmitted to the monitoring center through WCTU, notify maintenance personnel in time, fault information and device for recording, to facilitate future data query uses in order to locate the fault analysis with

Battery Management
According to the working characteristics of the battery, select the appropriate battery charging. Increase the battery capacity and prolong life. When the battery in a discharged state, the solar panel to stop charging; if the battery exceeds the load, the system automatically transmits a disconnect command to stop discharging the battery to protect the battery life, reduce maintenance costs

Remote monitoring

Monitoring center with remote control communication interface, in order to ensure the monitoring center for photovoltaic power plants operating state understanding and remote control functions, the monitoring center on-site solar panels and peripherals, with telemetry, remote, remote, remote adjustment so easy parameters setting function. System software monitoring center can display detailed operating parameters, with the cumulative power, system analysis, history function.

Why Caimore
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