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3G/4G Video Surveillance On Charging Station

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Summary:This article is about the charging-pile solution based on caimore 3G/4G MDVR. Introduce the basic knowledge of MDVR and the application in the whole charging-pile system .
Keywords:Wireless communication;3G/4GWireless MDVR;Transmit terminal;Charge-pile;New energy;electric automobile;BYD;Security safety

1. Overview:

With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection, the support of new energy vehicles from all over the world, new energy vehicles will occupy an important position in automotive market in the future , if you are going to say the support for the charging station system is not complete which limits the development of electric vehicles , then this issue is being gradually resolved. State Grid and China Southern Power Grid were invested heavily in building electric car charging station and charging pile associated with the new energy automobile accessory charging facilities, along with two National Grid plans to develop large-scale construction in the electric vehicle charging station and charge pile, electric vehicle charging station construction has entered the fast lane.

Charging pile application:

Electric car charging pile has the following characteristics: with measured points but scattered, wide coverage, far communication distance. And with the development of the city, the network topology is required to have the flexibility and scalability in structure,therefore, the electric car charging pile communication mode selection should consider the following questions:
1) The reliability of communication - communication systems have to withstand the long-term harsh conditions and strong electromagnetic interference or noise interference, and maintain communications.
2)The construction costs -meet the reliability you should consider the construction costs and long-term use and maintenance costs.So wireless is your best choice.
3)The two-way communication - not only can upload information , but also to release controlled amount.
4) The multi-service data transfer rate - With the growing of terminal business, the master station to the sub-stations, sub-stations to the terminal communication increase the demand on multi-service data transfer rate multiple services
5) The flexibility and scalability of communication - the charging pile has many points, wide coverage and dispersed characteristics so it needs a standard communication protocol, with the development of "ALL IP" network technology trends and the grows of electric power operations ,IP bearer needs to consider ,also ask for easy installation , construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
Xiamen Caimore communications technology had committed to  the development of 2G / 3G / 4G wireless communications, production, sales and good service for 12years .We have developed 4 generation products applied to the charging pile. "first generation" 2G / 3G wireless DTU; "second generation" 3G / 4G wireless router; "third generation" 2G / 3G / 4G wireless SD MDVR with router / DTU function "fourth generation" 3G / 4G wireless HD MNVR with a router / DTU function.

Our No. 4 generation products supports image recording, image capture forensics, GPS positioning, help service, through the serial bus RS485, RS232, CAN protocol and IP protocol, timing, and power level meter, meter the amount of the charge, provide human-computer interaction, and BMS real-time communication, access to battery type, cell voltage, remaining capacity, temperature, alarms and other information centralized monitoring communication ,report the charging status to realize security wireless intelligent charging pile management application solutions by pictures and data .

2. System Solution
Xiamen Caimore 2G / 3G / 4G wireless MDVR (cameras, image capture, alarm, intercom, GPS positioning, environmental temperature and humidity testing, RS232 / RS485, routing) connect with charging pile concentrators, battery management system (BMS ) to realize wireless data remote transmission. With this the charging pile management service platform enables powerful operators management , user management, customer management, charging pile / charging station management, statistical analysis, fault alarms, report equipment repair management, device map display function. Reliable wireless data connections save installation costs, so the majority of users can use mobile App (main function 1, user-centered, 2 ,device management 3, device control / View 4, charging plan,5, equipment authorized share 6, equipment rental 7, online search and navigation 8, online billing and payment, etc.) to experience the convenience by charging piles .

3. Caimore 3G/4G MDVR main features:
1) Support for video encryption and decryption, support international standard encryption algorithm and company private encryption algorithm, dual video encryption;
2) Support 3G/4G wireless and Wan
3) Support 4CH Ethernet port ,RS232/485
4) Support remote video / voice intercom / alarm / Compass / GPS positioning / temperature and humidity
5) Specific powerful DTU / Router function can do free networking
6) Easy management support remote configuration changes, remote upgrades, remote centralized management.
7) Support web page, video walls, mobile (Android and IOS) and local monitoring station to view videos;
8) Support 1-4 channel real-time video and audio, with 1080P (1920 * 1080) and 720P (1280 * 720) high-definition resolution and D1 and CIF format;
9) Support conventional recording, motion detection recording, scheduled recording, manual recording, alarm recording and video  playback ;
10) Support video power off protection;
11) Support video storage on the hard disk or SD card,SD card maximum support 128G, hard disk maximum support 2T (2048G), and video files will covered automatically ;
12) Support PTZ control, PTZ control up, down, left, right move, zoom, focus, aperture adjustment, PTZ speed adjustment;
13) Support 1CH and four CH VGA and HDMI output;
14) Support temperature and humidity detection;
15) Support motion detection alarm and IO alarm function;
16) Supports I / O ports, 7CH photoelectric isolation of high / low trigger input, supports 2CH high / low level triggered output; Support 1 CH digital / dry node output;
17) Supports manual capture and automatically capture, automatic capture can be divided into cycles capture, timed capture and motion detection capture;
18) Supports DHCP, routing forwarding, IPTABLES firewall, VPN connections, NAT function, DMZ hosting, and routing functions;
19) support 1 channel RS232 communication, RS232 interfaces can function as a DTU use (TCP / UDP transparent transmission);
20) Support 1-way RS485 communication, RS485 interfaces can function as a DTU use ( TCP / UDP transparent transmission);
21) Support for remote configuration, remote upgrades, remote centralized management;

4. Features and stability Industrial designed
1/ Industrial grade wireless cellular: using industrial grade wireless cellular, strong anti-interference, stability transmission .
2/ Real-time Operating system: LINUX operating system with a memory management unit, real-time, feature upgrades fast, stable system.
3/ Strengthen PCB : PCB follows 20H and 3W principles, all products are produced by health benefits, to ensure a stability and reliable .
4/ Industrial-grade components:the whole product using strict screening industrial grade components to produce.
5/Power: Wide voltage power supply design, range in DC6V ~ DC36V, built-in power reverse overcurrent and overvoltage protection.
6/ Electromagnetic protection: Ethernet interface Built 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection.
7/Anti-jamming design:Metal shell, shielding electromagnetic interference, system protection rating IP41; lightning protection design antenna; ultra gentle UHT system design; particularly suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.

5. Stable and reliable
1/Online maintenance patents: Intelligent anti-dropped, online testing, online maintenance, automatically reset to ensure that equipment is always online.
2/ Three-tier system protection: based on the original two protection functions (software protection +WDT + CPU built-in protection), the system increased a detection and protection function of  VWM (Virtual Man Watch), if it appears that the network is abnormal or system receives Strong interference anomaly, the system will auto reset, which thoroughly solve the problem that it needs maintainer to pull out electric when the system appears abnormally in the industry, and ensure that the system is stable and reliable.
3/ UIM/ SIM card ESD protection: 1.8V/3V/5V standard putter user card interface, built-in 15KV ESD protection.
4/ Serial ports ESD protection: serial port RS232/RS485/TTL/RS422, built-in 15KV ESD protection.
5/ Metal shell: metal case, anti-radiation, anti-interference; shell and system security isolation, lightning protection design; meet the power requirements of safety regulations; protection rating IP41; particularly suitable for harsh industrial control.
6/ All wireless modules are certified by the CGD or FCC certification or CE certification.
7/ High-speed processing CPU:  Adopts industrial-grade high-speed CPU, can handle a variety of protocol data conversions at higher speed; solve the difficult problems, such as, "fake online", "fake death", "crash" etc.
8/ DNS obtained automatically: Obtains DNS automatically instead of manually configuring. It avoids serious problem of device crash caused by the selected DNS server being abnormal.
9/ Complete protocol stack: the new system loaded complete TCP / IP protocol stack, using comprehensive TCP / IP protocol stack; so that network traffic performance shows outstanding, and the drop-line probability dramatically reduced.
10/ EMC performance outstanding:  Passed 3000V electrical shock test, especially suitable for use under harsh industrial environments; system EMC / EMI performance excellent, system stable and reliable. Passed  EMC test.

6.  Caimore Certification and detection
1, Online maintain the patent technology in wireless communication
2, Moore Laboratory of high and low temperature test report
3, Fujian Institute of Product Quality Inspection Detection
4, copyrights certificate
5, EMC test report
6, the state compulsory 3C certification
7, DTU Innovation Award
8, Shenzhen BYD user test reports

7.  Caimore main products and application field
Caimore mainly dear in MDVR,MNVR,BUS WIFI ROUTER,INDUSTRIAL ROUTER WITH AND WITHOUT WIFI , DUT(IP MODEM),SMS MODEM,RTU AND SO ON . Also in 2G/3G/4G(LTE/HSPA+/WCDMA/EVDO/GPRS/GSM) network type to meet different requirement from customers . Caimore products apply in Charging pile system, financial transactions, postal transaction, smart grid, intelligent transportation, environmental monitoring, fire control, security monitoring, water conservancy and monitoring, public safety, advertising, telemetry, industrial control, monitoring oil fields, coal mine monitoring, earthquake monitoring, meteorological monitoring, instrumentation monitoring, water meter reading, meter meter, gas meter, thermal network monitoring, centralized meter reading and other industries.

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