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Three standards of 5G

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The relationship between 5G and NB-IoT

What is the relationship between 5G and NB-IoT? Does NB-IoT belong to 5G technology?

The concept of 5G, as everyone knows, is the 5th generation mobile communication standard, which can also be called the 5th generation search mobile communication technology.

5G technology does not only mean faster network speeds, 5G also makes possible the blueprint of the Internet of Things for the intelligent interconnection of all things.

NB-IoT is the prelude and foundation of 5G commercial use.

NB-IoT supports multicast, continuous mobility, new power levels, etc. 5G can be truly realized on the premise of complete infrastructure such as NB-IoT. At the same time, the NB-IoT technology has also injected vitality into the development of innovative applications in the Internet of Things, such as security alarms, smart manhole covers, smart street lights, remote meter reading and other applications. Many fields are ushered in by the development of NB-IoT. Innovation and breakthrough.

Three standards of 5G

LTE (Long Term Evolution) (licensed channel), LTE-U (LTE-Unliceded) (unlicensed channel) and NB-IoT (licensed channel) are the three standards of 5G.

As an authorized channel, the biggest feature of NB-IoT is its amazing 10km transmission distance. Based on such a long distance coverage, a small county can be covered. While covering a large area, NB-IoT can also support a small number of terminals-a base station can support more than 200,000 terminals.

Under this premise, IoT application scenarios such as parking fees, smart manhole covers, and smart street lights can all be easily implemented in a cheap way.