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Company Profile

Company Profile
IoT| Industrial IoT| M2M 4G/5G DTU, RTU, Industrial Router,IPC

Founded in 2003, CAIMORE, IoT & M2M developer and manufacturer focusing on 4G/5G Industrial-grade network communication devices, including Industrial PC, Vehicle WIFI Advertising router, Industrial cellular gateway, RTU, DTU, MODEM, GPS MODEM, etc. We provide solutions at an international level, offering comprehensive, independent services with the latest tech. Quality is an essential value of our business culture. At CAIMORE, the processes and services are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, demonstrating our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

CAIMORE has broadened its wings to a global operation across three continents(America, Europe and Asia), which includes a team of R&D engineers who are responsible for PCB development, prototype development, software development, software applications, and hardware development.

Thanks to our development capability, we offer standard “ready-to-use” products, and also have the flexibility to customize them to our customers’ requirements.

Stable quality, Reasonable price and Professional services.

CONTACT US - We listen, we think, we implement.

Milestone of Caimore Communication (2003-present)


The device supports dual data center backup, and multiple data centers to receive data synchronously; realize high-speed, stable, and reliable TCP/UDP transparent data transmission function.

Industrial cellular router

Adopt high-speed and high-integration chips, professional WIFI chip embedded, can support 40 terminal devices to access at the same time, smoothly access the Internet access. Supports multiple ways of value-added advertising benefits, such as Portal advertising page push, WeChat fan absorption, and follower, double TF card large-capacity storage, can realize the docking of various third-party platforms and adapt to the complex network communication networking and advertising marketing of various buses, taxis and other mobile vehicles.

Industrial RTU

A wireless terminal communication product integrating data collection, remote control and wireless communication functions.

Video Surveillance

Standard-definition video surveillance equipment with routing and DTU functions enables wireless communication technology to enter the audio-visual era.

  • Main business

    Main business

    Products are widely used in express cabinets, new retail, electricity, finance, environmental protection, meteorology, coal mines, oil fields, transportation, water conservancy, water affairs, street lamps and other fields. It has been exported to Australia, the United States, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Kuwait, Norway, Russia, Chile and other overseas countries. The products have won the respect of domestic and foreign customers for their stable and reliable products and comprehensive services!
  • R&D driven company

    R&D driven company

    The company attaches great importance to research and development investment, and invests a lot of money every year for personnel training, the purchase of advanced research and development equipment and the construction of laboratories, hoping to provide customers with advanced, stable and reliable products.
  • Company purpose

    Company purpose

    In line with the tenet of "customer-oriented, creating value for customers", Caimore continues to strive and surpass to provide customers with perfect services.
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Factory Photos

Factory photos
Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision
  • Vision

    Caimore focuses on innovation and the future. Our job is to discover and drive leaps in wireless communication technology, manufacturing, social responsibility and more, so that we can continue to work with partners, consumers and businesses to make great leaps. Caimore will promote the faster, smarter and more economical development of wireless communication technology, help users to apply the latest technological achievements of wireless communication, so as to make industrial production more intelligent, more convenient and more exciting!

  • Idea

    Stage 1: Realizing Wealth

    Through personal diligence and wisdom, provide useful products or services for the society and realize personal wealth;

    Stage 2: Realizing the Dream

    Through teamwork, do one thing well, be the world-class, gain the respect of the world, and realize the glorious dream in my heart;

    Stage 3: Realizing Value

    Contribute to the country, society and human beings, do meaningful things, and realize the value of life

  • Mission

    Become the most important supplier of communication equipment in the global wireless communication field, providing high-quality services and high-quality key equipment solutions in the field of wireless communication and industrial control.

Development History

development history
2003 2003

  • First generation: DTU
  • Second Generation: Routers
  • The thirdgeneration: RTU
  • Fourth Generation: Video Surveillance

2010 2010
  • In 2010,it was rated as "the best supplier of customer satisfaction in China's industrial control industry"

2011 2011

2011, the company's GPRS DTU product was rated as "innovative product award".

2012 2012
  • 2012, the company became a member of "China Quality Travel".

2013 2013

  • 2013, the company became a member of the "Technical Innovation Strategic Alliance of Intelligent Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment Industry".

2014 2014
  • 2014, it was rated as an innovative pilot enterprise .

  • 2014, the company's Zhanjiang WIFI coverage project was awarded the "Sample Engineering Award" by the 13th China Automation Annual Conference.

2015 2015

  • 2015, its video products were rated as "Top Ten Video Transmission Enterprises" by China's industrial control industry.

  • 2015, the noise monitoring project was awarded the "Sample Project Award" by the 14th China Automation Annual Conference.

2016 2016

  • Integrated industrial computer + industrial routing + high-speed 4G communication + video surveillance, six-in-one integrated design, highly integrated, powerful, and rich interfaces. It is an new integrated industrial computer.

2017 2017

  • 2017 Vehicle POS terminal

  • Support UnionPay ODA, electronic cash wallet payment, APP QR code payment, NFC payment, Alipay, WeChat online QR code payment, powerful functions, cloud platform system optimized through big data analysis to improve service levels.

2018 2018

  • 2018, it was awarded the leading enterprise of Xiamen Science and Technology Little Giant.

  • 2018, it was rated as a key listed reserve enterprise in Xiamen City.

2019 2019

  • 2019, it was rated as a key listed reserve enterprise in Xiamen City.

  • 2019, Shortlisted for China Telecom Corporation Limited, DICT solution partner of Shanghai branch

2020 2020
  • 2020, Selected as a key listed reserve company in Xiamen

Certificate of Honor

Certificate of honor

Patent Certificate