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Machine well irrigation control system platform

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System principle

The emergence of Caimao intelligent machine well control system has solved the irrigation problem in smart agriculture very well. The intelligent machine-driven well control system first compares the data monitored by the soil moisture sensor in the area with the big data of smart agriculture, or compares the collected data with the upper and lower limit data set by the user that needs to be irrigated and stopped irrigation, and then judge whether It is necessary to irrigate or determine whether to turn on sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation. The intelligent irrigation system can realize real-time monitoring, display and dynamic management of irrigation water due to the use of sensor networks. Smart irrigation uses wireless sensor sensors to monitor soil moisture, effectively realizing the automatic management of irrigation water.



System Features

real time monitoring

Support real-time online monitoring in GIS map form, list form, and icon form, and easily grasp the status of each well.

water rights management

With the goal of "total control and quota management", water management bureaus, water management offices, and villages will allocate and trade water rights at three levels from top to bottom to realize market-oriented management of water rights.

System Asset Management

Detailed records of each asset property, purchase and maintenance records, and asset information can be inquired at any time.

data management

It has the functions of alarm query, operation query, water query and recharge query, and can print the historical records at any time.

Remote management

Support remote configuration and intervention control of each well controller switch

Information Release

Support adding, deleting, searching and modifying water user information, price information and irrigated crop types

System Management

User management security management, support historical query of operation records, and responsibility traceability.

Automatic alert

Support equipment failure automatic alarm, alarm methods include SMS, APP and host computer software alarm.

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