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TOP10 IoT operating systems in 2020

Time:2021-01-27 Source:

2020 is a year of surging waves of the Internet of Things, and the outbreak of 5G+IoT ushered in the landing of many smart business scenarios. Among them, the operating system plays an indispensable role as the "brain" of the Internet of Things.


The IoT operating system is an important part of the new generation of information technology. Its English name is IoT (Internet of Things), as the name implies, "The Internet of Things is the Internet that connects everything." Unlike traditional operating systems on personal computers or personal smart terminals (smart phones, tablets, etc.), IoT operating systems have their own unique characteristics. These features exist to better serve IoT applications. Terminal devices running IoT operating systems can be more closely integrated with other levels of the IoT, data sharing is smoother, and the production efficiency of the IoT can be greatly improved.


In this article, OFweek Veken will take stock and summarize the top ten IoT operating systems that will receive the most attention in 2020. Let’s take a look at what are there?

  1. Andorid Things

  2. Huawei Lite OS

  3. RTX

  4. FreeRTOS

  5. Fuchsia

  6. VxWorks 

  7. Mbed OS

  8. RIOT

  9. AliOSThings

  10. Tizen RT

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