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Electricity Solution of 1.4GHZ/1.8GHZ wireless private network data transmission

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Traditional electricity distribution network operation and management relies on a lot of manpower, which is time-consuming, labor-intensive, low-efficiency, and lacks real-time performance. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to adopt modern communication technology, automatic control technology. The current auxiliary communication method is mainly 2G/3G/4G wireless public network communication. The security of wireless public network communication is poor, so Carrying out research on TD-LTE wireless private network communication technology based on 1.8G public frequency band, which can better deepen applications for electricity distribution automation, centralized power reading, unattended visual management, emergency communications, mobile inspection  service.

At present, CAIMORE wireless communication equipment in the 1.4GHZ and 1.8GHZ frequency bands has been widely used in the Electricity market to build a new generation of electricity wireless private network for data transmission, and meet the local requirements for electricity network security, efficiency, and stability.

On the basis of intelligent distribution network in the electricity industry, the ever-increasing amount of users and data has brought huge challenges to the development of smart electricity distribution networks, and provincial electricity companies have increasingly higher requirements for expanding network bandwidth.

CAIMORE wireless communication equipment CM520 builds a Private network for huge electricity business data through the 1.4GHZ and 1.8GHZ frequency bands, aggregates scattered frequency resources, broadens the data transmission channel, and can increase and speed up the transmission volume at the same time. At the same time, the 1.4GHZ and 1.8GHZ electricity wireless private networks, independent of the major operator networks, can enhance the overall anti-interference ability of the electricity system and realize rapid transmission on the basis of more stable data groups.

CAIMORE wireless communication equipment CM520 communicates with the main station system through the 1.4GHZ/1.8GHZ frequency band, and provides information required for the operation of the power distribution system and various parameter monitoring and control. The system can monitor the operating data and fault information of the field terminal in real time, and the communication module It can also execute the commands issued by the power distribution master station to realize remote monitoring and maintenance of the equipment.


1. Use 1.4GHZ/1.8GHZ frequency Private network to solve the problems of long delay and low security in public network communication, and it has absolute advantages such as high reliability, controllability, and security.

2. The use of wireless network for data transmission simplifies the inconvenience of network wiring.

3. The program realizes multiple functions such as data collection and transmission, protocol conversion, line/equipment inspection and so on through the electricity private network.