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Hydropower station ecological discharge flow monitoring system

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System principle

The ecological discharge flow monitoring system of the hydropower station is mainly based on the automatic monitoring of water conditions, integrating flow stations, water quality monitoring, video monitoring systems, etc., that is, the installation of flow monitoring instruments, image (video) monitoring and other equipment at the ecological flow discharge of the hydropower station, and data collection is also installed. The transmission terminal transmits the data to the monitoring center in real time. 7*24 hours to monitor whether the discharge flow can reach the ecological approval flow.

The system consists of three parts:

Front-end data collection: ultrasonic water level meter, radar flow meter, flow meter, rain gauge, high-definition camera and other equipment carry out real-time data collection and equipment control on site.

Wireless data communication: The wireless data communication part adopts the wireless transmission method adopted by Caimao 4G RTU to transmit data to the destination center through the Internet. The use of wireless data transmission can save a lot of manpower and material resources, making it easy to deploy and maintain.

Remote data analysis: The central end analyzes and organizes the data in real time through the monitoring center, the terminal PC and the data server. The remote mobile terminal can also access the device through the Internet of Things and confirm the data information.

System composition


System Features

1. Access method

RS485 access mode, suitable for a variety of access devices.

2. Actively report

Using wired or 3G/4G/5G wireless transmission to the server, administrators can use a PC to log in and view real-time data.

3. Monitoring Center

The real-time data is uploaded to the server through the network, and functions such as data collection, management, query, statistics and charting are realized, which is convenient for management personnel to view and operate.

4. Easy to operate

It has a good interface, adapts to the operating habits of the on-duty personnel, and is convenient for management and scheduling.

5. Cost-effective

The system design and selection are reasonable and strict, which makes the system have a high cost performance.

software platform

The platform combines the current advanced artificial intelligence, Internet of things technology, cloud service technology, spatial geographic information technology and mobile Application technology, etc. for R&D and design. The platform covers the home page, hydropower station information, ecological management, flow report, early warning report, image monitoring, equipment management, and system management involved in hydropower station management. It is displayed with rich graphics and data interfaces, and simplified operation function modules, so as to be close to reservoir management. In fact, it provides efficient management and data support services for the intelligentization and informatization of the hydropower station ecological development industry.