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Wireless Remote Meter Reading Solution Based on 2G/3G/4G DTU

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The wireless data acquisition system is an integrated system integrating computer technology, communication technology and data acquisition technology. Through the data collector, the data of the terminal is acquired, and the communication interface and the transmission device are used to transmit the data to the data service center to realize the terminal. The all-round monitoring has solved the increasing labor management fee of property management, timely recovered the cost of water and electricity consumption, and satisfies the functions of building intelligent management and played a very good guarantee role.
m2m iot DTU modem
The wireless data transmission system based on 2G/3G/4G network is mainly composed of three parts:

1) Terminal data acquisition device and wireless data terminal DTU;

2) Transmission network: 2G/3G/4G three major operators wireless network;

3) Data service center: real-time data transceiver server, real-time database server and user control operation interface.

System Advantage

The meter reading data is timely and accurate, avoiding human factors, and can effectively manage the water, electricity and gas meter reading data of the industry.

It can reduce the labor intensity of the meter reader, reduce the workload of data entry into the computer, and increase labor productivity.

It can establish the image of civilized service of water, electricity and gas supply enterprises;

It can improve the economic and social benefits of the company.

The system price is moderate and the user can afford it.

m2m iot DTU modem

Solution Topology

m2m iot DTU modem
Mode of Operation

1) Always online mode: suitable for high frequency of meter reading, DTU automatically connects mobile network and meter reading data service center after power-on, and maintains the link between meter and meter reading data service center, and can read meter at any time;

2) Trigger online mode: It is suitable for occasions with low frequency of meter reading, which can save transmission cost. In practice, when the meter has data upload, or the meter reading data service center requests meter reading through SMS, the DTU starts to connect to the mobile network and the meter reading data service center to complete the data transmission between the two. When the transmission is completed, Automatically resume standby state.

Typical Application

The remote meter reading solution solves the problem that the layout is difficult to manage and is one of the mature applications of DTU. It can be widely used in power meter reading, tap water meter reading, natural gas meter reading, pipeline reading and so on.