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ATM Wireless Acquisition and Monitoring System Solution

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1、Solution Introduction
Caimore CM520 industrial 4G wireless router is adopted into this system, which connected DVR/NVR device, it can upload local video and

snapshot image monitoring while uploading and monitoring multi sensitive sensors normal status of ATM. Building a VPN tunnel between APN card and

bank server room, which make sure data authentication encrypted in security; adopting high-speed LTE 4G network, which make sure the transmission

reliability of video and image big data, then achieve unified management and unified monitoring purpose. Protect ATM normal operation and

citizens’ safety in real time.

Sensors includes human sensor, banknote distribution sensor and vibration sensor etc., also pinhole camera. According to the specific situation

and needs, then add more or change relative sensors. As for the transmission of front-end equipment, Caimore self-developed router is a good

option to acquire and transfer.

Solution of system connection:

With a built internal network provided by operator, collecting AD and serial port’s data, then transfer to APN data acquisition server

(operator provides) via APN network. The host computer software analyses the collected data, show it via display, and also stored in the database

of the collection center for easy query.

Installation diagram of video wireless background monitoring

2、Advantage of ATM machine using wireless monitoring

2.1,Low Construction Cost

As using 3G network,Carrier private network APN/VPDN encryption,no need wired network, just need install equipment,lower construction cost.

2.2,Wide Monitoring Range

The distribution of ATM is scattered, but it can be set up via VPN dial through the wireless network of Carrier. More guarantee ATM data

transmission confidential.

2.3,Good Expansibility

With 3G & 4G networks now in most urban areas of the country, the phenomenon of video transmission stuck almost does not exist, which can

realize a wide range of online monitoring and meet the requirement of remote backup of video monitoring.

2.4,High data transfer speed

(1)The detection data transmission amount on the sensor collected by each ATM is within 10Kbps. The transmission rate of 3G network can

theoretically reach 21M/s. At present, the actual data transmission rate of other 3G networks is around 200KB/ s, which can fully meet the

requirements of data transmission rate of this system (greater than 100Kbps).

(2)The video recorder in each ATM also transmits data through another 3G wireless router.  Due to the bottleneck of 3G network technology,
video's remote transmission backup still has some bottlenecks. Basically, it adopts the method of local preservation and uploading of pictures.
But the 4G era is coming. In the current 4G network test of the industry's 4G, the measured speed can reach up to 4M/s transmission speed, and
there is little worried about uploading and backup of big data on the video screen.


After years of industry application, the ROUTER of XIAMEN CAIMORE COMMUNICATION is designed with industrial-grade standard, suitable for

various industries and under severe environment( very high and low temperature), unattended environment application, supports APN/VPN, and

supports multiple VPN methods (GRE, PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC, etc.) to guarantee data safety communication. SNMP protocol can manage the backstage of

network, and the stable operation advantage of flexible main network and unified management is favored by insiders. Special offer optional (GPS

positioning function and SD card external large capacity storage).The development of wireless transmission technology brings a leap forward in

the development of ATM monitoring, and indirectly protects the personal and property safety of citizens.