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5G CPE Industrial Gateway Advantages and Application

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5G CPE is an emerging 5G terminal device in the "5G era". It can convert the 5G signal received by the operator's base station into a Wi-Fi signal or a wired signal, allowing more local devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers) to access the Internet. . Functionally, the device is similar to a Wi-Fi router, but there are differences between the two.


The original definition of 5G CPE is actually a transit product that has not been fully covered by 5G base stations, bringing high-speed Internet connections to users who have not been covered by optical fiber networks, such as remote areas or areas with complex terrain. In addition, 5G CPE has a larger volume, stronger antenna gain, higher power, and stronger signal transmission and reception capabilities than mobile phones, so it is often used in various field 5G scenarios for testing.


In short, 5G CPE combines the low cost of Wi-Fi and the large bandwidth of 5G, and combines the advantages of both to form a powerful complement to traditional fiber broadband, which is of great significance to both home and enterprise users.




Advantages of 5G CPE

Mobility: Because the CPE can be directly inserted into the SIM card, it can be used alone after being plugged in without binding other devices. Therefore, 5G CPE is often highly portable, and 5G CPE can be used wherever there is a 5G signal.


Flexibility: The flexibility of 5G CPE is reflected in service provisioning. The traditional "fiber-optic broadband" needs to go to the business hall to apply for the relevant package, and wait for the installation and maintenance personnel to come to the door to install it before it can be opened; and the complexity and cost of canceling the package will be higher: basically all packages have a corresponding agreement period. If the period is not over, you cannot stop at will. In case you need to move, fiber-optic broadband has to go through the relevant relocation procedures, and the process will be relatively troublesome. 5G CPE is different, as long as there is a 5G mobile phone card, you can surf the Internet at high speed. The equipment can be taken and used with you, which completely avoids the trouble of broadband installation and disassembly.


The Industrial Role of 5G CPE

The places where industrial data is collected are often located in remote mountainous areas and reservoirs, which makes the 5G signal coverage relatively weak and the signal unstable. It is very difficult and costly to lay optical fibers in these areas, which is very uneconomical. The secondary relay of the signal through the 5G CPE industrial gateway can expand the coverage of the 5G network, so that the monitoring area can be covered by the 5G network, which is convenient for data collection and transmission.


Typical industrial applications of 5G CPE

(1) Intelligent transportation: Based on GPS, monitoring system, etc. to locate the location and status of vehicle transportation, and timely control information such as vehicles and materials. Based on the online data, transportation capacity socialization, and resource platformization of the industrial Internet, it realizes the online connection and real-time sharing of freight supply and demand information, effectively integrates the scattered freight market, improves the organization of transportation, and improves the operational efficiency of transportation. It also promotes new changes in the industry.


(2) Intelligent warehousing: relying on the industrial Internet technology to carry out warehouse location selection, inbound and outbound allocation, automated unmanned warehouses, plan, organize, guide and control various resources in the warehouse, and realize the storage and movement management (Inbound, outbound, move in warehouse) of goods. Integrate, mine, track and share warehousing information to effectively achieve automated pickup, seamless inbound and outbound shipments, and accurate order processing


(3) Intelligent distribution: With the help of the industrial Internet platform, the load capacity/load volume sensor and mobile communication technology are used to monitor the cargo volume of each node (warehouse and transshipment center) in real time, extract the information needed to reconfigure resources, and use artificial intelligence and other core algorithms to rationally allocate logistics resources, optimize transportation routes, and improve the loading rate of trucks. Build an urban distribution capacity pool, and carry out distribution modes such as joint distribution, centralized distribution, and intelligent distribution.


(4) Intelligent scheduling: Based on the industrial Internet platform, integrate various resources such as orders, vehicles, goods, and personnel, analyze and mine through big data, and propose the optimal transportation plan, distribution plan, logistics plan, warehousing plan and emergency response plan. Through the reasonable scheduling and allocation of resources, we can meet customer needs to the greatest extent, reduce logistics costs, and improve the ability to respond to uncertain market demands.


5G CPE product recommendation


Caimore 5G CPE CM520-6X industrial gateway relays the signal twice, expands the coverage of the 5G network, allows the monitoring area to cover the 5G network, and facilitates data collection and transmission.


Industrial-grade metal shell, durable and reliable; system protection grade IP30; antenna with lightning protection design; ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature design; especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. High-performance 5G antenna with stronger wall penetration capability and wider WIFI coverage.


Five advantages provide solid backing for remote monitoring:

1. Equipment remote control

2. Remote video surveillance

3. Device remote alarm

4. Remote data collection

5. Support data storage


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