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Smart light pole gateway to create a smart city of things

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The city makes life more beautiful. A harmonious life of happiness, tranquility, comfort, and sustainable development has always been a lifestyle that humans continue to pursue. The construction of smart infrastructure such as smart street light poles has led us to continue to move towards an ideal life.

Use smart light poles as the carrier to build a smart city

Driven by new infrastructure and 5G, smart street light poles and multi-function poles are used as carriers to build smart cities, which can effectively realize intelligent self-sensing, self-adaptation, and self-optimization of seamless connection and collaborative linkage between people, things, and urban functional systems , So as to make intelligent optimization and timely response to various urban needs such as government services, business activities, people's livelihood, environmental protection, and public safety.

Xiamen Caimore Communication Light Pole Gateway is a dedicated smart city light pole system. The smart gateway can be connected to functions such as lighting, security monitoring, wireless coverage, broadcasting, LED screen information release, environmental weather monitoring, emergency alarms, and charging piles. At the same time, it satisfies the remote management of the cloud platform, realizes the multi-level linkage and unified management of smart light poles in the city, and creates a smart city of things.

Application function of light pole gateway
1) Smart lighting: through the smart light pole gateway, through the 4G wireless communication network, to achieve remote centralized control and management of street lights, with automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote copy Tables and other functions can greatly save power resources, improve the level of public lighting management, and save maintenance costs.
2) WiFi coverage: Smart light pole gateway with 4G to WiFi function; WiFi coverage is long and fast, helping smart light poles to achieve public WiFi coverage.
3) Video surveillance: Install video surveillance and specific safety monitoring sensors on smart light poles to achieve city-level safety surveillance. Smart light pole gateway, built-in industrial-grade high-speed processor, is the first choice for large data transmission such as videos and pictures; monitoring and capturing video, pictures, sound and other information are transmitted to public security and other administrative departments in time through the gateway route, making city management more efficient.
4) LED release: install LED information release screen to realize the release of all kinds of information at the city level, including advertisements, traffic flow, public transportation information, parking garage guidance information, etc. The information to be released by the management and control platform can be routed to the LED screens of each smart light pole through the light pole gateway to realize remote release, centralized release, and real-time release.
5) One-key alarm: In case of emergencies, you can quickly dial the 110 alarm call. The smart light pole gateway router has GPS positioning function, which can assist the public security department to instantly know the alarm location based on the GPS positioning.

Gateway Functions and Features
Industrial design
Industrial-grade CPU: Industrial-grade high-performance 32-bit processor, cache data 128M, DDR2 128M.
Industrial-grade wireless module: Industrial-grade wireless module is adopted, strong anti-interference and stable transmission.
Strengthen the circuit board: PCB adopts the 3H and 3W principles, high-quality circuit board to ensure the stability and reliability .
Industrial-grade components: The whole machine are produced with strictly selected industrial-grade components.
Industrial-grade power supply: The power supply adapts to AC110-265V/35A, with built-in power supply reverse protection and overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
Electromagnetic protection: Built-in 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation protection for Ethernet interface.
Anti-interference design: adopt metal shell, shield electromagnetic interference, IP31; antenna with lightning protection design; ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature design; especially suitable for harsh industrial environments.

Support WIFI (optional), 5G/4G (optional), network port, optical port and other methods to access the Internet , and multiple networks can be online at the same time.
Equipped with 2 optical fiber interfaces, with optical fiber layer two networking, suitable for ring and chain networking applications. The number of network ports can be flexibly configured by adding or deleting embedded switching communication modules to meet the needs of various networking ports.
It can support multiple wireless extension methods at the same time, LoRa, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc., and support LoRaWAN protocol (support frequency band: CN470Mhz (China), EU868MHz (Europe), US915MHz (America), AS923MHz (Southeast Asia), AU915MHz (Australia), RU868MHz ( Russia), IN865MHz (India), KR923MHz (South Korea)); support ZigBee (support frequency band, 2.4GHz global free frequency band).
Support active polling of MODBUS devices, dont’t need to enter SCADA Modbus commands.
Support 5G/4G/PPPoE/DHCP/static address and other connection methods, wired and wireless mutual backup, multi-network intelligent switching backup, multiple working mode selection.
Super edge computing capabilities, integrated data collection, processing, execution, real-time analysis, safe and efficient.
Using high-end processors; standard Linux system, supports secondary development;
It can be connected to PLC carrier ZigBee/LoRa and other single lamp concentrators to realize the centralized management of single lamp of non-smart pole street lamps; 
Support APN/VPDN data security transmission.
Support 5G/4G, WiFi, network port access to the Internet, support AP, STA, Repeater multiple modes and system cloud platform data interaction.
Enhance WIFI function, support AP, STA, Repeater mode; can realize 4G/5G to WiFi, network port to WiFi.
Support DHCP server, DHCP client, IP and MAC address binding, DDNS, NAT, DMZ host, QoS.
Traffic statistics.
Support transparent transmission, TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, MODBUS, TFTP, HTTP and other network protocols.
Support SPI firewall, VPN traversal, access control, support custom strategy.
Support system status, network connection status, routing status query.
Support telnet, web, ssh configuration mode.
Support web upgrade, local system log, remote log, serial port output log.

Online maintenance patented technology: intelligent anti-dropping, online detection, online maintenance, automatic redial when offline, and automatic reset when abnormal to ensure that the device is always online.
Three-layer system protection: Two-level (software protection + CPU built-in watchdog WDT protection) system protection, and a system virtual guard VWM (Virtual Man Watch) detection and protection function is added to ensure the system is stable and reliable.
UIM/SIM card ESD protection: 1.8V/3V/5V standard card slot, built-in 15KV ESD protection.
Metal shell: adopt metal shell, anti-radiation and anti-interference; the shell and the system are safely isolated, the lightning protection design; meets the requirements of electric safety regulations; IP31; especially suitable for harsh environment.
All wireless modules have passed CGD certification or FCC certification or CE certification.
High-speed processing CPU: Using high-speed industrial-grade CPU, it can  process various protocol data conversion at a higher speed; solve the difficult problems of "fake online", "fake offline"and "crash" in the industry.
Memory management MMU: The new CPU comes with a memory management MMU, which can prevent system instability caused by abnormal system memory.
Large memory: FLASH 128M, DDR2 128M, there is a large memory to buffer the data sent by the customer, and at the same time receive the large data packet, the data will not be lost.
Perfect protocol stack: Adopts a complete TCP/IP protocol stack; it makes the network communication performance excellent and greatly reduces the probability of dropping.

Excellent EMC performance: passed the 3000V electric shock test, especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environments; the system has excellent EMC/EMI, and the system is stable and reliable; passed the EMC test.