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Smart IOT project of Self Service Express Cabinet with CAIMORE IPC

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Project Introduction
With the increasing volume of business express delivery, pick-up time delayed,  online purchases of goods lost and other problems began to emerge. In order to solve the "last one hundred meters," the distribution problem as soon as possible, as a set of cabinet courier express delivery and withdraw  with other functions in one the self-service facilities, have sprung up across the country, once again become the focus of attention. As an innovative way to the end of the delivery service, express cabinet to meet the needs of specific regions and recipient populations, enhance the efficiency of service delivery, is becoming an important supplement to the end of the way city delivery services.

Smart express cabinet has characterized the measured points and scattered, wide coverage, the distant communication. As with development of urban cities, network topology requires flexibility and scalability of the architecture, so choosing express cabinet intelligent communication should consider the following questions

1.Reliable  terminal information processing capacity - realize courier companies, online retailor and customers tripartite real-time information sharing, and efficient delivery;  help courier companies to realize the "24 hour" distribution services,pick up and delivering and other business information in real time to upload the background.

2.Intelligent Terminal Online Management Capacity- the centralized management of decentralized terminal layout courier cabinet , real-time control terminal running, operation and maintenance cost savings.

3.refinement of business statistics and report output - reliable operational data reports provide decision-making basis for operators to provide information on the level of the logistics industry.

4.The exact location query capabilities - saving personnel time to the scene for equipment maintenance.

System Requirements
Smart cabinet courier management system consists of a wireless monitoring terminal Caimore 4G/5G wireless data terminal Industrial PC equipment, logistics storage terminal, express mail box cloud management platform. Users can express box cloud management platform for remote management

The system is as follows:

CM580 is an embedded industrial PC with low power consumption and high performance independently developed by CaiMore. It use Rockchip RK3288 series CPU, and ARM processor combined with Android operating system to provide a very broad and free App operating environment. Excellent computing and graphics performance, especially suitable for harsh conditions or high requirements of industrial occasions and public space applications. CM580 supports wide temperature work and extends a rich peripheral functional interface.

Functions of vending machine cloud management platform:
The cloud management platform provides a wealth of API interfaces, which can quickly realize quick docking and customized development with the business operation platform of the operating enterprise, thereby providing customers with powerful, low-cost comprehensive equipment management and extended development. The main functions include:
1. Through the powerful unified terminal management capability, remote parameter configuration, upgrade, maintenance and management of the terminal can be implemented to save network management and terminal maintenance costs.
2. Sophisticated business statistical reports and analysis functions provide accurate basis for business operation decision-making.
3. Abundant network status statistics functions, real-time grasp of equipment online, offline, and warning lights status, and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.
4. The accurate geographic location query function saves maintenance personnel's time to go to the equipment site.
5. Differentiated fault alarm management function, remote fault diagnosis, reduce business losses.
6. Through the WEB interface and embedded management tools, realize the penetration management of cloud business and lower computer.
7. Support cross-platform UI interface development to meet customers' short-term, low-cost customization needs.

Why Caimore
Caimore Communication devotes herself to IOT and the industrial automation fields , provides wireless products, Xiamen focus on supporting high-tech enterprises; 15+ years of industry research and development and industrial applications accumulation test.