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Intelligent Public Lighting Control System

Time:2018-11-29 Source:

Xiamen Caimore Communication Technology Co., Ltd. focus on R & D, developed a wireless transmission device and applied to many M2M / SCADA industries and fields, there is one cooperation with a foreign system integrator for intelligent public lighting control system, this design combined with sensors, wireless device, wireless monitoring devices , and achieved the management of energy-efficient lighting.
The following is a description of the public lighting intelligent control system, welcome any person who has the same requirements to consult.

Centralized lighting monitoring system is a new generation of urban road lighting management system. The system uses advanced intelligent control technology, energy-saving lighting technology, wireless communications technology. It provides a reliable,convenient,high efficient and energy-saving integrated management system for urban security lighting, functional lighting and landscape lighting management.
1. To monitor the lighting of roads, parks and other public places ;
2. Device status can be real time viewed in the hall;
3.The lighting equipment failure alarm;
4. Achieving equipment location positioning by simulating maps ;
5. Remotely start and shut down lighting equipment;
6. To intelligently control the duration time and brightness of lighting device based on the time period, season, usage,, to achieve energy saving effect.

System configuration is shown below