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Cruise Ship WIFI Coverage Solution Based on Industrial 4G Router

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At present, many passenger liners of passenger shipping companies in China have covered the onboard entertainment system. Passengers on high-speed passenger ships travel to tourist attractions. The mobile phone can connect directly to the mobile phone through the mobile phone browser by simply connecting the on-board Wi-Fi signal “XXX-WIFI”. The onboard entertainment platform, through which passengers can browse free news, photos, novels, micro-movies, music videos, fun videos, download apps, etc., to pass the boring time. Passengers can click on the “Click to Experience Internet” button on the homepage of the onboard entertainment platform to authenticate to the Internet, freely access any Internet site, and use applications such as QQ and WeChat that require networking.

Ship wifi

The communication operator cooperated with Caimore to jointly develop the ship WIFI operation system. The overall solution is divided into data center, network transmission, equipment transfer and display terminal. It mainly uses the router, a WIFI wireless communication terminal, to convert the operator's 4G/3G network signal into WIFI signal coverage, and combines video, news, music and other resources to create a powerful wireless network-based visitor service center. And the industrial wireless 4G router supports dual communication modules, which can realize the dual 4G bandwidth superposition function, and can enjoy the experience of the double 4G to reach the 100 megabit bandwidth experience for the passengers, so that the customers need to buffer the trouble of getting rid of the Internet to watch the video. In this scheme, 1-2 wireless routers can be installed on each floor according to the size of the ship. The coverage can reach 200m or so, and the number of accesses can reach 80-90 terminals, which increases the experience of the number of users.

iindustrial wifi router

Solution topology:

Ship wifi router system

In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones, PAD and other terminal products have become necessary for traditional industry users and enterprise communications. The transition from traditional applications to mobile Internet applications is an unstoppable trend. The WIFI operation platform of the ship has created a new model of mobile advertising for precise advertising. Through the operation of big data, the expectations of tourists, the management of tourists' consumption behavior, and the management of tourist files will greatly benefit the marketing communication of tourism services and make valuable tourist resources.