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4G 5G Industrial router On EV Charging Station

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In recent years, as one of the core energy-saving environmental protection industry, new energy automotive industry has been a concern, while domestic and abroad demand in the dual role of the market and favorable government policies, and its potential is huge. Building and managingEVcharging pile facility as essential facilities, to a large extent it influence the development of new energy vehicles.

System Introduction

Xiamen Caimore M2M 3G/4G industrial wireless router provides a simple and flexible way for charging station communications and data collection, to allow each charging station and control center connection.No matter single charging station deployed in a restaurant, or many charging stations deployed in the mall or parking lot,between all charging stations and the control center, there will have a lot of important information and instructions need to send. Just by 3G/4G industrial wireless router, the control center will be able to realize all the work to remotely manage the charging stations, including user authentication, the start and stop commands, user data transfer, credit card payment procedures.

With the continuous development of IOT, combined with the APP, through the control center the charging station can help the driver find the nearest charging station or is being operated one via GPS services. After charging is completed, then the the control center system notifies the user to send a text message to the driver's mobile phone to inform the customer charge finished which the vehicle can be on the road.

Caimore charging pile wireless data transmission applications composed of

1.Motor vehicles;
2.EV Charging pile;
3.4G Industrial wifi routers;
4.Third-partyM2M cloud management platform.

Wherein, M2M cloud management platform includes WEB-end control platform, the mobile phone APP, cloud servers, people can inquire charging pile of detailed geographic location, usage, pay situation at any time through the WEB, or APP client , at the same time it is ok to book the charging pile in advance. Caimore 3G / 4G router can establish high-speed stable networking and data transmission channel for charging pile wireless data transmission applications, will transfer all the charge, payment and other information to enterprise back-office for operating companies to conduct business analysis and operations. Meanwhile, the operating companies enables the unified operation status management for the charging terminals pile dispersed in different locations to reduce operation and maintenance costs through a third party M2M cloud management platform.

Main Function:

Achieving real-time information sharing among operational units, electric vehicle users and third party private payment platform, at any time convenient for electric vehicle charging

Help electric vehicle to realize truly "24 hours"charging service , charge and pay  as well as other information real time upload to enterprise backstage.

Connecting the charging pile, electric vehicle users, operating units, mobile company,  Union Pay and even the national grid together, to achieve a large number of data exchange

Realize the centralized management for decentralized charging pile terminal , to real-time control terminal operating conditions, reduce the charging pile business operating costs, improve the quality of service operators and operating efficiency

Reliable operational data reports provide decision-making basis for operators to improve the level of information charging industry, promote fast charging and intelligent urban construction industry

Site video surveillance, image capture, view the operators point snapped pictures, to get the proof image on the charging by man-made damage,to ensure pile charging equipment safe track and be ready to forensics.

2G/3G/4G wireless router uses wireless networking, is not troubled by the wiring problems, less affected by the on-site environmental factors, as long as there are cell phone signals and easy and flexible installation;3G/4G wireless Industrial routerby simply page configuration, the wireless router automatically dial and send connection request to connect the Internet, the wireless router can quickly access the router management platform. WEB architecture design, it is easy access.


Industrial grade design,anti vibration and anti severe environment

Inbuilt 3G/4G module,switch over 3G/4G and WAN


Support WEB、CLI、SSH,various parameter management, remote update and control

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