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5G / 4G wireless router for Public Bike Rental Kiosk System

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Project Introduction

By flourishing network industry , bike rental management system applied by wireless communication devices are increasingly being used. Common bicycle rental system usually consists of lease management center, city center management, leasing and user IC card points. Throughout the lease system, well-ordered operating leases points influence the level of efficiency of the entire operation of the bike rental


Bicycle rental points consist of the rental station manager, and bicycle parking pile and bicycle. Renter user IC card to achieve returning parking the bike in the card pile, and lease the site manager participate in data re-transfer and the transfer . Bicycle Rental System is designed to facilitate travel of a government project, by 5G / 4G wireless transmission technology, based on the mobile carrier's wireless network, using wireless remote data transmission unit (DTU) to remote mange the site bicycle.


System Requirements

To support the infrastructure management of public bicycle rental without person duty, networking technology will become an indispensable technological means. Caimore 5G / 4G wireless router is for M2M communications industry and data collection of public bicycle rental system, provides a simple and flexible way to allow the connection between public bike rental system and the control center. Through 5G / 4G wireless industrial router, the control center will be able to remotely manage public bike.


Caimore public bicycle rental wireless data transmission applications consist of  the public bike rental, routers and third-party M2M cloud management platform . Caimore 5G / 4G router can establish high-speed, stable networking and data transmission channels for the public bicycle wireless data transmission applications

The system is as follows:

Solution 1-4G to lan connection


Solution 2-4G to lan connection+WIFI Hotspot

Solution 3-4G to lan connection+WIFI Hotspot+GPS Tracking

By Caimore Industrial marketing systems routers, it can not only achieve the positioning data transmission, GPS's, WiFi coverage, but also intelligent marketing function of advertising.


Caimore wifi system provides WECHAT authentication, SMS authentication, micro-blog authentication, portal, etc., after the user connect wifi, project implementation providers can gather a variety of information access users. Information including but not limited to phone numbers, WECHAT ID, microblog number, phone MAC address, mobile operating system, mobile application software and so forth. Project implementation could use the wifi strongly associates users and business from access information , make the pave for  secondary marketing or multiple marketing.


Caimore WIFI system provides a sound marketing tool, Caimore WIFI background management system provides the user access to query and reporting phone numbers, statistics and reports on the access to the site, the number of ad clicks statistics and reports, total access to the site the amount of statistics and reports.


Caimore WIFI system can provide a perfect background variety of reports that can be output  with histograms, pie charts show, or EXEL, PDF file


System structure and main functions:

1 reliable operational data reports provide decision-making basis for operators, public bicycle rental improve the level of industry, to promote intelligent urban construction.

2, 4G wireless router use networking, not troubled by the wiring problems, less affected environmental factors by the site, as long as there is cell phone signal where networking can be normal, easy to install and flexible; 5G / 4G wireless router can be easy configured , the wireless router automatically dial network and sends a connection request, a wireless router can quickly access the router management platform


1.Support for 5G/4G;WAN(PPPOE,DHCP,Static IP)and 5G/4G switchover

2.support under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current, reverse connection

3.Metal shell, high heat radiating and anti collision performance

Shockproof design, suitable for vehicle vibrating environment

4.802.11 b/g/n,2.4 G

5.Support VPN tunnel, including PPTP, MPPE, L2TP, GRE and IPSEC

6.Support DDNS,IPTABLES firewal,QOS,NAT port mapping,TCP/IP protocol


Why Caimore

Caimore Communication devotes herself to IOT and the industrial automation fields , provides wireless products, Xiamen focus on supporting high-tech enterprises; 12 years of industry research and development and industrial applications accumulation test.