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Caimore Taxi Intelligent Dispatching Management System Based On High Speed 4G LTE Mobile NVR DVR

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Caimore Taxi Intelligent Dispatching Management System
With the rapid development of China's economy, the rapid increase in urban population has brought great business opportunities to the transportation industry , while the safe and effective management has become a major problem in the industry. The traditional video surveillance systems can not meet the current development, video surveillance system based 3G network came into being, the management center can keep abreast of the situation inside the vehicle conditions and vehicle operation personnel, timely dispatch of the vehicle by installing video surveillance systems in the bus. Car video evidence obtained can solve some disputes. For some criminals en route transfer, it is ok to use the networked video to capture criminals to justice in a very short time ; for special cases, it use take linkage alarm to protect life and property safety at maximum.

The rapid development of the taxi industry brings a lot of convenience to people's daily travel, at the same time, it creates some problems like the low quality of service and low level of management. At present, the main problems affecting the development of the taxi industry are like driver violate taking passenger, complaining disputes are difficult to obtain evidence, malicious detour, the lost and found is hard to give back, empty rate is high, the driver was often robbed, big scale management etc. How to strengthen the management of taxi drivers, how to ensure the safety of drivers, how to improve the fleet operation benefit are becoming more and more obvious.

2 . The solution :
Taxi intelligent dispatching management system developed by caimore communication , integrates monitoring system and dispatching system. It can effectively regulate the driving behavior of the taxi drivers, avoid refusing, detour, not tabling the billing, strengthen comprehensive regulation and decision analysis ability, improve the quality and level of taxi services, and improve the safety of the vehicle and the ability to deal with emergencies, ensuring safety of driver, strengthen the management of vehicles and drivers.

3 . Main Function
Wireless transmission
1, supports 3G WCDMA
2, support WIFI transmission, automatic download Video and Audio
3, rich input and output interface: maximum 4/8 channel video/audio input, audio and video synchronization, 1 channel video/ audio output, video resolution maximum support D1 + 2CIF.
4 support intercom, broadcast function
5 support for multi-screen monitor and TV wall function
6, support manually capture by client side, vehicle manual capture, the central timing can capture screen images for any channel
7, Multi-level storage capabilities to support three video storage modes: front-end storage, central platform to store, monitor client storage.

GPS Function
Vehicle GPS positioning, support quickly and accurately track for all management area vehicle and display the vehicle's location through the electronic map, support standalone, multi-car display mode, support the electronic fence alarm, and support automatic display map after alarm .

Support MapInfo, GoogleMap etc map file formats
Playback on APP
1, Convenient for video download client video retrieval, query, according to time, type of storage paths and alarm information retrieval and download playback images.
2,Center Video: support search and download, playback of video clips stored on a central server;
3,Local Recording: Support search, playback of local video files;
4,Device videos download by files: Support search and download, the playback video files in the device ;
5,Device videos downloaded by chronological slice: Support download video files at any time, directly preview, so not need to download redundant data, saving bandwidth for 3G mobile, saving the user fee.
6, Track playback can search and playback vehicle history running track, including latitude and longitude, speed, travel time, altitude, GPS satellite data and other information, and visually displayed on a map with route

Alarm linkage
1, Various of alarm types such as manual alarm, speed alarm, low alarm, motion detection alarm, storage media alarm, video loss alarm, G-sensor alarm, equipment malfunction alarm, GPS abnormal alarm etc (the device online or offline, enter or leave WIFI area, turn on or off the vehicle's ignition, etc.).
2, The linkage processing front end linkage: Alarm input can link front-end alarm output, support alarm trigger recording

Log report
System record equipment detailed operating logs, including: offline online daily logs on the device offline online monthly log , turn off/on the vehicle ignition, speed alarm, traffic query, report export etc.

Device Control
Support PTZ control, remotely turn off the oil function, LED electronic screen control etc external devices’ control functions.

WIFI automatic download function
1, WIFI automatic video download
System support when the vehicle enters into the WIFI area, video download software will automatically download device-side video in accordance with the task scheduler and store them on the local computer configured on a good hard disk partition. Support download per day per time types.
2, WIFI download priority
Support 3G and WIFI online at the same time , when the vehicle enters WIFI area,
1), Communications link channel is 3G;
2), Video preview and download is completed via WIFI.

Power protection (patented approved)
The device using UPS patented technology enables the device to work 3-5 seconds when the external power cut off supply:
1), Ensure video data saved integrity, avoid file corruption, ensure video files completed. Especially when unexpected event occurs it ensures valuable data is recorded at burst moment!
2), when the vehicle power supply is lower than voltage 6V or less instantaneously , the device does not power down and restart, ensuring the integrity of the video, but also reduces the small fragments of video files

Damping design
Vehicle monitoring terminal applied in bumps, vibration, swing and other harsh environment, to ensure the equipment long-term stability, we have to put forward a higher requirement, especially for storage media isolation technology is the focus of the system problems. Thus, the device uses a professional hard drive vibration isolation technology and industrial grade SD card, Car MDVR easily damaged hard disk, SD card connector loosening has been solved.

Wide temperature design
The system equipment operating temperature:
Hard disk drive: -25 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃; when it is low temperature, the device can automatically heart hard disk to a working state.
SD card: -25 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
Flexible way to record video
support reboot video recording, alarm recording, schedule recording, remote start recording and other multiple video mode.
Hard disk drive: The hard drive using an optional SD card mode, dual stream simultaneous recording and the hard disk abnormal recording(optional), ensure that even if the hard disk is not working, SD card is still recording all state vehicles via slightly lower stream.
SD Card: This system supports SD card looped coverage recording, it solves SD card smaller capacity problem, the system device supports a single 64G SD card capacity.

G-sensor function
This vehicle mobile terminal supports G-sensor function, the state (braking, sharp turns etc.) of vehicle operation were recorded and stored in the video file. It is ok to analyze the running status of vehicles by the playback software operation graph of the vehicles.

4 . Why Caimore :
Caimore had devoted themselves in SCADA/IOT/M2M for more than 13 years . Mainly deal in MNVR/MDVR/Bus wifi router with VOD function for advertisement pushing / Industrial router with and without wifi/RTU/DTU(IP can.)/SMS modem etc.
Products with 2G/3G/4G network type are available . Also different cellular for different requirements . Caimore products builds rugged, reliable devices that can do their jobs in tough environments. And we get your data where it needs to go, whether it’s via wired connections, wireless connections or one of the many possible combinations of the two.Also there are many parents and qualifications in our side . We can provide you a competitive and useful solution.