Public Bicycle Rental Management System

Date:2016-03-04 From:本站原创

   With the urbanization process in China,there are a large traffic problem in big cities ,on the one hand the excess of private cars and official vehicles caused the congestion of the city, on the other hand automobile exhausted emissions seriously affect air quality. "green travel, low carbon green" way to travel is more and more popular , our country has rose booming construction of public bicycle rental system.

The system uses wireless network technology for data statistics and management operations. System is mainly composed of three parts;
A.The rear end card issued management system, database management, messaging platforms and workstations management; 

B.This wireless communication technology use Caimore Communication 3G/ 4G ROUTER; 

C.The front part of the main system consists of host card reader, bicycle electronic tags and electronic lock sensor switch.

    It is to use Caimore industrial wireless router to unify the management of multi-site bicycle rental information management and statistics, rental time billing, site environment and bicycle use condition monitoring and other functions,.The usage of 3G / 4G networks can ensure the reliability of wireless transmission rate, not only to ensure that the statistical analysis of bicycle rental information and issuing central database, but also to ensure real-time audio and video monitoring and remote scheduling maintenance. Helping operators to grasp the status of each site bicycle rental is to provide reliable data support for follow-up operation, management and maintenance, to effectively improve the management level of public bike rental and carriers operating efficiency.

1, Pickup and return information management in bike pile position.
2, Pickup and return information voice broadcasting
3, The user billing management and behavior statistics, balance inquiries
4, Travel map application query, the line query.
5, Bicycles rental sites and bicycle balance information query.
6, Video surveillance, image capture to timely view the site of corrupted vehicle maintenance and replacement.
7, Rental sites multimedia advertising information release.

    Caimore Communication devotes herself to IOT and the industrial automation fields, provides wireless products and video surveillance solution for remote area.
The public bicycle system uses wireless 3G/4G router to achieve the whole system network operations, management and monitoring role which save expenditure for early period network layout and development cycle time.