Caimore industrial PC is 4 in 1 high degree of integrated design industrial computer with traditional industrial computer, industrial router, high speed 4G communication and video surveillance function. It adopts Freescale Cortex -A9 architecture quad-core 64-bit processor, has various physical interface, supports Android and Linux system.

This product is widely used for higher reliability and stability of the areas like banking. Here are some specific industry applications:

1. Man-machine interface interactive equipment, such as kiosks, point of sale (POS) terminals, ATM machines, express counters, query machines, vending machines, interactive digital signage;

2. Rail transportation, such as traffic control systems, electronic police systems, gateway machines, intelligent vehicle systems, bayonet capture system;

3. Industrial automation, such as textile machines, printing presses, engraving machines, robots, machine arm;

4. Medical equipment terminals, such as medical imaging, blood analyzers, biological detector, queuing system;

5. Unmanned intelligent terminals, such as unattended smart air purifier, unmanned smart transceiver terminals;

6. Portable equipment, such as laser tracker, laser scanner, joint arm measuring instrument.


1.Android And Linux Dual-OS,Open-source Android Toolkits And Software

2.Freescale Cortex-A9 i.MX 6 Quad processor, 2GB RAM, 8GB ROM

3.Peripheral Interfaces Including RS-232, RJ45, USB, CAN and HDMI

4.Industrial Design, Extreme Temp, Wide Power Supply, Electromagnetic

Disturbance Protection

5.Adaptation To Unattended Environment, 24*7*365 Stable Performance

6.Platform For Custom Vending Applications and Extensive Catalog Of Payment Devices.


1. Support local display, touch screen input and key input (lvds screen);

2. The host to be charged by non-contact IC card (external credit card device);

3. Charging mode selection, charging status display, charge billing inquiries, consumption amount display and balance inquiries through the display screen;

4. Support the consumption document printing;

5. Support voice prompts;

6. Local large data storage (pictures, ads, charging records, etc.);

7. Support remote upgrade application;