The rugged CM8150X series serial to IP 3G modem  (called DTU as well) is a cellular modem have been developed especially for M2M application. It provides RS232/RS-485/RS-422/TTL interface and equipped with PPP, TCP/IP and DDP protocol, it could convert the user data into HSPA+/HSDPA 3G network and transmits the data to the customer’s data service center through complete transparent data channel, allows a simple and rapid integration of cellular network connectivity into M2M application.
With the robust, reliable, long life and compact metal case design, the CM8150X  DTU ideally adapts to onboard standard, easy to deploy and maintenance, it has been widely applied in many fields worldwide, such as power SCADA, oil field, coal mine, weather forecast, environment protection, water conservancy, heating, natural gas, petroleum and so on.


1.Cellular:GPRS/3G/4G network for high speed data transmission.

2.Com port: Serial port,RS232 or RS485

3.Protocol: TCP/IP,UDP ect transparent protocol to send data

4.Wireless connection mode:1.APN   2.Public fixed IP   3.DDNS(public dynamic IP+DNS link) which flexible to choose any networking.

5.Real time communication between server and client

6.ARM Chipset and industrial grade components to endure high performance and stability.

The advantage of GPRS/3G solution as below:

1.Big market in Machine to Machine(M2M) communications, for SCADA and telemetry

2.Advantage of low cost and an existing backhaul network to get the data to the control centre

3.No control on the coverage, or availability of the service at geographically remote monitor and control points

4. For power utilities, will network continue to operate when there is an widespread power failture.