CAIMORE CM520-6XX series router is the rugged industrial programmable, high efficiency and cost effective cellular router which can work on 4G/3G cellular network to provide safe, reliable, seamless and fast connectivity for M2M applications, it is built-in one of the world's leading high speed 1.4G CPU, supporting Wi-Fi 802.11N and A/C. CM520-6XX  heavy-duty design caters for transportation and mobile deployments such as Wi-Fi bus, Wi-Fi on board and other Public transit.

CM520-6XX equips with 4xGigabit Ethernet switch, serial port, I/O, USB as well as a variety of configuration option including GPS, SD Slot. It offers redundant SIM Slot for automatic switching for reliable network, plus terminal block power capability. VPN features also can be configured in CAIMORE router, allowing you to utilize virtual private network service through a 4G/3G wireless router and built for stresses and workload of a modern industrial or commercial environment.


1. 1.4GHz CPU, 4G Flash, 8G DDR2, 1000BaseT Ethernet Lan;

2.Dual Module, Dual Sim Card; Support 3G /4G;

3.Load Balance And Two Sim Failover ;

4.VOD(Video on Demand) : Up To 1T/2T Storage

5.Multi-authentication Way, Captive Portal;

6.Remote Update,Remote Upgrade;

7.Central Management Software(SNMP/Web Based)


 1. Dual module, dual sim card; Support 3G or 4G;

  2. Load balance and two sim failover function;

Advertisement push: able to set display time, different display modes

  3. VOD(Video on demand) function: we can store up to 128G videos, songs, etc for passenger's request display and entertaiment purpose.

  4. Multi-authentication way, Internet Behavior management, traffic control, IP control, etc.

  5. software remotely upgrading, TF card/SSD/HDD content remote update, remote tracking(if GPS available)

  6. two power supply to avoid interruption

  7. Softwares for remotely ungrading, content management and multi-teams management